Alter Titan, the exciting new RPG that motivates the user to workout is about to complete the funding goal within a short period of its launch

August 29 19:18 2019

Most of the people find it hard to stay inspired to exercise and need someone to constantly motivate them to workout. Rather than going to the gym or for a run, a number of people will stay at home and play a nice game. Fortunately, someone has sorted out a way for the gamers to stay fit while playing an exciting game – Alter Titan, which has currently raised over $31,000 in funding out of its $50,000 goal. Alter Titan is an adventurous and innovative new role-playing game that is fueled by exercise. The user will play as the character in the game that features a universe of camaraderie, teamwork, and epicness.

Alter Titan RPG can be synced with activity trackers like Apple Watch and Fitbit. The player can choose any type of activity for a workout, based on which their ‘Alter Titan’ in the game will also grow. For example, if they slow down on their workout, the character in the game will start to get thinner and if they workout harder, the character will grow stronger. As the player will accomplish their fitness goals in real life, their character in the game will go on to fight enemies in exciting arenas and complete its mission. Remember that The Alter Titan will shrink or bulk up based on the player’s exercise consistency which provides a regular motivation to them to work out more.

The players have the option to choose their factions from Twilight Caverns, Pacific deep and Myahara Desert, with each having their own features and ideologies. They can customize the look of their character as per their preference. The players can earn instant rewards after a great workout which will further motivate them to keep going. The best part of this game is that the player does not have to play alone. They can train and play together with other patrons and accomplish riveting missions. With the flexible import system, the players can bring in workouts from popular apps as long as there are heart rate reading and real-time workout tracking.

If the stretch goal is met, the developers will build Alter Titan apps for Fitbit and Apple devices too. The backers can get access to the game by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign and choosing from a wide range of perks, at early bird prices. More information about the same can be seen on Alter Titan’s Kickstarter page.

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