Aesthetics in Infrastructure creates community bonds with CDR

September 10 03:00 2019

Brentwood, MD – Creative Design Resolutions (CDR) is revolutionizing America’s infrastructure by creating structures purposed for both aesthetics and function. As a leader in aesthetic infrastructure design, the company helps cities nationwide to build highways, bridges, and pedestrian spaces. With their assistance, communities are forming stronger bonds than ever before, and residents are taking ever greater pride in newly revitalized spaces.

For many, a bridge is just a bridge, but a company that designs contextual aesthetics like Creative Design Resolutions realizes that it can be so much more. Bridges can serve as significant landmarks. They can even transform a city’s skyline. CDR believes that giving residents a reason to take pride in their architecture can create an overall shared sense of identity and community. Their infrastructural solutions focus on cultivating a sense of belonging and forging community bonds, and recently released a video for their design work on the Third Street Bridge in Dayton, Ohio that highlights the importance of connecting to the history, the people and the place where these infrastructure projects reside.

Creative Design Resolutions was founded in 1998. With a mission to create awe-inspiring transportation projects, they dedicate themselves to involving the community in every step of their process. As a result, the finished products resonate with everyone. They focus on creating transportation solutions that are not only efficient but also innovative, enhancing residents’ quality of life.

CDR has worked with dozens of departments of transportation, establishing trust and rapport with each. They work hard to ensure that each project is completed on time, on budget, and up to code.

Today, people are choosing where to live increasingly because of the area’s safety and walkability. In response, Creative Design Resolutions has designed its services to accommodate the needs and desires of community residents. Their services have made them one of the leading pedestrian facility designers.

Creative Design Resolutions also has made its reputation as a highway aesthetics design firm. In the past, most engineers designed highways to connect drivers from point A to point B with little thought to the overall aesthetics. Creative Design Resolutions is changing that, noting that the appearance of highways affects the communities through which they pass.

CDR also has its eyes on the future with the use of 3-D renderings. Community members and leaders can see accurate models of what the project will look like before work even begins.

With a company like Creative Design Resolutions on their side, communities can feel confident that their input will be taken seriously. With community at the core of every project they take on, the company is revolutionizing the way we see and interact with transportation infrastructure across the nation.

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