Pickens Construction Recommends Milling Services In Georgia And South Carolina To Recycle Asphalt

September 26 18:39 2019
Pickens Construction has encouraged the people of Georgia and South Carolina to further recycling efforts through professional milling services on its website. The company offers several milling services including pavement milling, fine milling, micro milling, and even concrete milling and bridge overlay removal.

ANDERSON, South Carolina – Pickens Construction has recommended its many milling services to road construction and asphalt paving clients in its home state of South Carolina and the neighboring state of Georgia. The milling services are available to both residential and commercial clients and are a green option as well as a sound paving solution.

Pickens Construction has drawn attention to its professional milling services by encouraging the people of Georgia and South Carolina to recycle. The company has noted that many people are not aware of its many milling services and why milling is important. Pickens Construction starts by highlighting the advantages of milling in the Milling Services section of its website. According to the company, milling is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and offers a fast solution for paving. Milling also helps correct drainage problems on a pavement or roadway.

Pickens Construction provides several types of milling services. The company provides the basic pavement milling or planning services. Pickens Construction also provides fine milling and micro milling services. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques to perform these milling processes properly and accurately.  The asphalt millings are then hauled to the asphalt plant to be recycled.

In addition to all these asphalt milling services in Anderson and surrounding areas, Pickens Construction also provides concrete milling and bridge overlay removal services. The company’s concrete scarification techniques are very precise and its bridge overlay removal services are commonly used to rehabilitate bridge decks in Georgia and South Carolina. They can also be found at https://www.yelp.com/biz/pickens-construction-anderson.

About Us

Pickens Construction is one of the oldest family-owned and managed road construction and asphalt paving company in Georgia and South Carolina. The company was founded over 70 years ago by the Pickens Brothers; Harold Pickens, Sr. and Fred Pickens. Since then, Pickens Construction has passed through three generations and changed its operations in many ways. However, the company has never departed from its founding principles of honesty and business integrity. Pickens Construction provides many types of road construction services including the aforementioned milling services plus asphalt sealing, thermo striping, stone crushing, grading, asphalt repair, and road building and repair.

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