Multidimensional Ecological Space of Enchantment Multimedia’s Dapp-Eanos Flow Entrance

September 26 18:51 2019

Eanos, as the flow entrance of Enchantment multimedia ecological public chain, is positioned to provide users with services such as wallet, information and market. It is reported that the Goldman Block Fund under Goldman Sachs will continue to invest $50 million to build Enchantment’s ecological construction.

Dapp: The abbreviation of Decentralized Application, Dapp runs on the blockchain, and its biggest difference from the normal APP is that it has no centralized server. Once Dapp is deployed, it cannot be changed unless it is licensed by most members. All data must be encrypted and stored on a decentralized block chain application platform. Second, Dapp must have a token mechanism. Dapp is fault tolerant and does not suffer from a single point of failure.

Users in Eanos use Token to burn during use. Assuming that the EAN token is used as a circulation chip, a certain amount of EAN token will be used as consumption.

Because of the excellence of Enchantment’s multilingual Sdk toolkit, it is very easy for developers to use. There will be more Dapp ecosystems in the future. Maybe DEX decentralized exchanges, maybe Defi, maybe games, predictions, etc.

In DEX transaction, the currency is still in the user’s wallet, the transfer operation only initiates when the matching is successful, it shortens the exposure time of funds in the exchange, reduces the risk of hacker attacks, and avoids the risk of exchange violations.

Enchantment’s mobile wallet app and Defi are also a very large user ecosystem. The combination of more decentralized financial applications can better support the ecological structure of Enchantment, achieve the sustainability of financial infrastructure, and bring more flow to Enchantment ecology.

Enchantment can give the development community a broader stage to integrate with more diverse industries. Based on the characteristics of the blockchain, such as its own decentralization, non-tampering, and anonymity, the blockchain is naturally suitable for combination with some fields, such as content, games, lottery, and so on. In short, people may not need a lot of public chains, but they will need a lot of applications, from this perspective, DApp’s imagination space is huge. I believe that when the Enchantment ecological construction becomes more perfect in the future, it will be the leader in the multimedia entertainment underlying system.

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