Suzhou Greenland Center on New York’s Nasdaq screen

September 27 17:39 2019

This is a demonstration of China’s charm on the international stage. On September 27, 2019, the eye of Taihu Lake — Suzhou Greenland Center · Wang 358 was played on the Nasdaq screen of Times Square in New York, US. A series of distinctive giant pictures appear in the crossroads of the world with the power of dominating the screen. The world looks at the east and opens its eyes to Suzhou bay. 

The power that changes world pattern, the rise of world 6th city group 

Throughout the development of the world, China is going to the world with the rise of a great power. China’s Yangtze river delta city group has become one of the six largest city groups in the world (The six largest city groups are the manufacturing base of Chicago, the financial center of New York and London, the business center of Paris, the financial and cultural center of Japan and the financial and trade center of Shanghai). Behind the promotion of China’s Yangtze river delta city group has become the world’s sixth largest city group, it is centered on Shanghai, as well as the rapid development of Wujiang, Jiashan and other cities. Among these cities, the core area of Wujiang development is Suzhou bay. Suzhou bay is not only an important part of the “one core and four cities” development strategy of Suzhou, China, but also an inevitable era that Suzhou bay changes the pattern of the world bay area.

World-class urban agglomeration will certainly give birth to a world-class bay area

Suzhou Greenland Center, 358 meters of skyscraper mansion on the Nasdaq screen of Times Square in New York, US, is the manifestation of China’s power, the position of Yangtze river delta as the world’s sixth largest city group in the world, the embodiment of Suzhou bay changes the pattern of the world bay.  

Throughout the world’s eight bay areas, all of them have gathered the world’s top resources and trillions of wealth. So the word “bay area” has been stamped with the symbol of “the combination of money and wisdom”. Beverly hills, New Zealand’s hawke bay, Hong Kong’s repulse bay, long island in the suburbs of the United States, and Tokyo bay in Tokyo are all places where global capital and wealth are gathered. 

After ten years of development, Suzhou bay has become the most popular plate in Suzhou and even the Yangtze river delta. Suzhou bay not only occupies the core of the Yangtze river delta urban agglomeration in terms of location, but also owns unreplicable Taihu resources. It has 200 billion yuan investment from government. Suzhou bay, with its high starting point, high planning and world-class supporting facilities, is now a name card of Suzhou.

The capital of the world gathered again and gathered in Suzhou bay, China

The development of the bay area in the world, in fact, reflects the strength of the bay area capital. Today’s Suzhou bay is attracting the favor of the world’s capital, the world’s top 500 enterprises to enter. Yintai property invested 10 billion to build “Yintai global city”. Japanese capital giant Yongwangwang kabuskiki kaisha invested 1.1 billion, to construct “yongwang dream music city”; The world trade center in the center of Washington built “Suzhou world trade center”. The Rockefeller family in Manhattan, New York, invested 40 billion yuan to build the Rockefeller cultural and art center.

World top 500 green space, global landmark creator

Suzhou bay, China, attracts the world’s attention, and also enables the world’s top 500 Greenland to build Suzhou Greenland Center here. Greenland holdings, as one of the world’s top 500 housing enterprises, has built 35 world-class business centers, 4 of the world’s top 10 skyscrapers (Wuhan Greenland center, Dalian Greenland center, City Greenland center, Nanjing Greenland center) and more than 60 modern service complexes, making it a well-deserved urban landmark builder. 

To win the praise of the world is the most powerful recognition of the quality and strength of Greenland group. What drives Greenland group forward all the time is the guidance of a correct corporate value. Green space walks from Shanghai to the world with a decade; With a second decade, from the industry top 100 to the world top 500, the third decade is to face the world’s great challenges. However, Greenland always takes social progress, social responsibility and market demand as the first elements and strives to be a world-class enterprise in the process of its development.

Eye of Taihu lake skyscraper is walking to the world 

Suzhou Greenland Center is a landmark project developed by Greenland group, one of the world’s top 500 companies, in Taihu new city, Wujiang. It is a skyscraper with a height of about 358 meters. It will refresh the skyline around Taihu lake and become the tallest building around Taihu lake after its completion. Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, a top international architecture and construction team, and east China architectural design and research institute jointly created the skyscraper, which is the first design of breathing atrium core tube in China. Suzhou Greenland center has been recognized for its forward-looking and innovative design. So far it has won eight prestigious international awards.

Five thousand years of Chinese civilization is rising to the world’s ten years of development. Suzhou bay is focusing on global capital and changing the pattern of the world bay. Hundreds of billions of scale, in fact, only for the birth of a peak — Suzhou Greenland center, about 358 meters of skyscraper mansion, is coming to the world!

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