New App Pandemics.Stream Rewards Users to Stream Hip-Hop Music and Entertainment

September 27 20:48 2019

September 27, 2019 – Rewards are to be found aplenty these days on digital platforms, but one new streaming service is leading the way. Pandemics.Stream is where anyone with an iPhone can stream their favorite Hip-Hop music or other media content to earn a passive income. There are no limits to the revenue that can be earned on Pandemics.Stream, making it an alluring proposition.

Entertainment need not be a waste of time. While there are services that reward users for watching ads, Pandemics.Stream goes one step further. On this app, users can listen to artists like Drake, Pop Smoke, Rick Ross, and Trippie Red and earn real dollars. The earnings can be used to buy products from Amazon, Bestbuy, Airbnb or Expedia. The company has applied to the Techstars Music Accelerator program and plans to release the beta to the public Q1 of 2020.

If you enjoy listening to music on your free time, why not make a couple of dollars on Pandemics.Stream? We are continually adding new specialists to our database and we are constantly keen on catching wind of the most recent releases,” says Matthew Reid Jr, Founder, Pandemics.Stream.

Pandemics.Stream will be of great interest to a wide demographics of users, in particular fans and artists of hip-hop, fintech, gamers and entrepreneurs.

Pandemics.Stream lets the earnings to be redeemed with items/services from Amazon, Airbnb, Apple, Bestbuy, Expedia, and many more. The idea behind the site is to blend fintech with hip-hop, thus inspiring innovation and new solutions. For now, most of the releases will be major, as well as promotional services to independent artists to increase their exposure.

The app is easy to use, and PAN.TV will take it even further, streaming a variety of content in the days to come, including videos, skits, interviews, viral content and more. This time, viewers would not only spend their time as they usually do, but actually keep earning as they watch and stream content.

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