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October 01 05:06 2019

September 30, 2019 – Introducing FilingBox, which recently released a new ransomware prevention file server for Linux, called FilingBox MEGA 2.0. The company has provided a ransomware prevention file server in Korea for the last 13 years. 

What is FIlingBox MEGA 2.0?

FilingBox Mega is secure storage which protects the server’s data, even if the servers are already exposed to ransomware. 

To protect the data on the server, FilingBox MEGA 2.0 stores the data on separate network storage, not on a local disk on the server. It provides a network drive to servers like a conventional network file server. However, it has a ‘Freeze’ command, which locks any folder on the network drive, the same as data being on a CD-ROM.  After it is locked, the folder, including subfolders and files, is not able to be modified or deleted on the server.

Unless the server administrator explicitly uses the ‘melt command’ for that folder by using a one-time code on the cloud or a physical switch on the storage, that folder cannot be deleted or modified. 

So, even if ransomware is on the servers, it cannot encrypt the data on those frozen folders and files in FilingBox MEGA network drive. 

During this introductory period, there is a one-year free license campaign for government agencies, educational institutions, and/or medical organizations. First come first serve basis up to 100 copies. 

Demos are available for initial testing, contact information is below.

Video Link:

About FilingCloud

FilingCloud, the secure storage company, provides complete ransomware protection to secure data without needing for back up. Unlike conventional network storage, FilingBox has a create-read-only mode. Once the create-read-only mode is enabled, FilingBox works like a CD-ROM writer. It only allows an application to create and read data on that network drive and does not allow data to be modified or deleted.

To learn more and sign up for demo, visit, or connect at [email protected].

FilingCloud and FilingBox are registered trademarks in the United States and/or other countries.

Media Contact
Company Name: Filing Cloud
Contact Person: Don Malloy
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Phone: 4085680327
Address:5752 Annandale Pl.
City: Eastvale
State: CA
Country: United States

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