“Couple Hundred Grand” by Randolph Love is the motivational music one needs to beat the Monday Blues

October 01 11:12 2019

Going to work every day, or following the same routine, may not always be the most exciting thing for people, but when someone is caught up in the details of mundane life; even the tiniest of thing, like a happy, inspiring song can make the day, a good one. This is why Randolph Love, a talented American rap and hip-hop artist has composed a new song titled, “Couple Hundred Grand,” to give all the motivation one needs to start their day, for going off to work, or simply hitting the gym.

“I’ve created a song encouraging people to get motivated, start a company, and/or be the best employee they can be! This song was also created to push people to go harder in the gym, and will likely be listed in the fitness music section of most streaming services.” – Randolph Love

Apart from being a passionate singer, and songwriter, Randolph is a designated Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), by way of The American College of Financial Services. He owns and operates a successful loss consulting company in Florida, and he’s also writing a book on how to correctly start a business. It is also interesting to know that ‘Randolph Love’ is not just his stage name, but his real-life name as well. He has released multiple songs before as a member of the music duo, “Meanz of Operation,” performing under the moniker, “Ran Man.”

His latest single, “Couple Hundred Grand,” will be releasing on October 11th, 2019. Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics of the song, available at genius.com.

“I could barely go to school, was too impatient wit’ it
But they said I had to do it, or my fate was finished
Man that’s nothing, I’ll start a company, and take percentage
Now got forty acres, and mule, wit’ inflation wit’ it (Now my estate replenished!)
Use all the hatin as the fuel, and don’t break till you finished
If you break, you ain’t finished
Just treat it like a comma when it’s breakin’ a sentence
Wise words I once heard from a carpenter’s apprentice (The most famous carpenter)
Things a lot different, once you start your position
Look at you now boy!”

Listen to the song preview on SoundCloud.com.

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