The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Lasts Through November

October 02 04:51 2019
The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Lasts Through November

The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1st and lasts through November. According to the National Weather Services, hurricanes are defined by their speed of at least 74 miles per hour and the potential for severe rainfall. The severity of the hurricane is defined through five categories. The category defines how widespread the hurricane could be and what type of damage is possible. Hurricanes displace families from their homes each year and lead to catastrophic damage and fatalities.

Mitigating the Risk of Hurricane Damage

After a hurricane is reported, property owners in the hurricane area follow guidelines for protecting their home before evacuating. Boarding up their windows and doors lowers the risk of water damage and prevents broken glass. Using sandbags around areas close to the water helps reduce some flooding in these areas. Homeowners who complete the tasks before leaving their home establish a line of defense against hurricane damage. However, the steps don’t guarantee that the hurricane won’t cause some damage or destroy the home.

What to Do After the Hurricane

When it is safe to go back to their homes, the first thing homeowners do is evaluate the damage. If the home isn’t a total loss, the owner starts an insurance claim for water damage restoration services. The services help the property owner remove water and mitigate further risks associated with standing floodwater inside the property. To learn about filing a claim for the services or determining what the services, contact MicroTech Solutions today.

What to Expect During Water Damage Remediation

The first step of water damage restoration is the removal of all water and moisture from the property. Professionals complete the task and determine if other hazards are inside the property. In areas, such as Florida, snakes and environmental developments, such as black mold could find into the property. Industrial strength hoses and vacuums are used for removing water, and technicians look for any wild or marine life inside the property. You can visit for further details.

Mold and any other environmental developments are removed according to EPA regulations and lower the risk of spores spreading further into the home. All damaged materials inside the property are removed, and waste management services are included in the services. To evaluate the steps for removing water from the property, visit now.

What Restrictions Apply to Restoration Services

Some standard homeowner’s insurance and flood policies restrict restoration services to the original floor plan. Typically, major changes in the structure aren’t covered by the policies. Some out-of-pocket expenses occur if the homeowner requests significant changes in the design. However, if renovations were completed prior to the damage, the property owner has coverage for restoring the property to the new design.

When Can Property Owners Go Home?

Property owners return to their homes after all restoration and remediation services have concluded. A building and health code inspector evaluates the home after the services are complete. The property must meet all codes and safety regulations before the property owner returns.

The Atlantic hurricane season is known for producing serious property damage, devastation, and fatalities. During the season, homeowners follow steps to protect their homes and mitigate common risks. After hurricane damage occurs, homeowners hire restoration services for repairing the damage and returning their home to its previous condition.

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