Ken Moorman chronicles his “Tragedy to Triumph” story in “On The Other Side Of My Dream”

October 02 10:20 2019
Founder of the popular Jirani Coffeehouse, Ken Moorman, continues to get reviews from different quarters for his recently launched self-help book titled “On The Other Side Of My Dream”

“On The Other Side Of My Dream” is a self-help book recently published by Ken Moorman of Jirani Coffeehouse. In the book, Ken draws inspiration from his experience to provide readers with practical, tested, and proven tips that will help them chase their dream and become successful in their chosen path.

Studies have revealed that many people find it difficult to reach their full potential not necessarily because of challenges life and the society throw at them, but due to their inability to motivate themselves to overcome such obstacles. Unfortunately, many of the available motivational pieces and books from public speakers have not done particularly well to provide the needed push to their target. This can be attributed to many of such self-help pieces containing vague and sometimes abstract tips that readers find difficult to relate with. This is where Ken Moorman is making a difference as he uses his experience on his way to success to educate readers from all walks of life.

The book is strategically divided into 10 chapters to allow readers to easily digest the content. Tagged “The Coffee Dream, Tragedy to Triumph,” the book details Ken’s humbling and astounding entrepreneurial journey and how he founded the Jirani Coffeehouse to bring his neighborhood together — all races, all colors, all religions. The book also talks about Ken’s successful career in the real estate sector, becoming one of the most sought-after real estate agents in the Northern Virginia area for more than a decade.

Ken seems to be doing well in his pursuit of using the book to encourage readers, receiving several reviews from different quarters. “I am a frequent patron of Jirani Coffeehouse. You can feel the love and passion put into that place as soon as you walk in. Reading Ken’s story was so moving and helped me to feel less alone in my current situation. I highly recommend this book. It’s something I will probably reference frequently as I continue to follow my dreams. Great job, Ken!” said Diane Corish.

“On The Other Side Of My Dream” is currently available on Amazon and other platforms.

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About Ken Moorman

Ken Moorman is the visionary founder of the highly celebrated Jirani Coffeehouse located in Old Town Manassas, Virginia. Jirani is The Place for excellent coffee, conversations, and a neighborhood hub for the arts and culture. Ken’s success with Jirani has been accompanied by his successful career as a Real Estate Agent in the Northern Virginia area for 14 years.

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