How to Plan for Retirement with Confidence

October 04 19:48 2019
How to Plan for Retirement with Confidence

B.A. Schrock of Schrock Financial Group
Ben Schrock of B.A. Schrock Financial Group believes in taking the pain out of planning. His firm promises a low-pressure approach to retirement planning and financial management so that clients can make confident decisions about their financial futures.

By Zoey Thompson

WADSWORTH, OHIO – Financial planning for many is like doing taxes; it’s stressful, complicated and full of variables. Ben Schrock of B.A. Schrock Financial Group sees the fear and indecision every day when prospective clients enter his office. According to Ben, it’s important for clients to evaluate all their options and discern the right approach for them when it comes to planning their financial future. This is why his firm has adopted a much more gentle attitude when dealing with potential clients.

“In my opinion, most of my clients do not have the background to manage their own retirement,” he explains. “That’s not their fault. It’s not something that we’re good at as a society. Our high school students learn about ancient Mesopotamia instead of wealth management. So, my approach with everyone who calls or comes by the office is to begin with helping them understand.”

The firm believes in providing useful content to its clients. More specifically, they make content geared toward retirement planning available through one-on-one consultations or via direct download from their websiteBen explains that he believes most people don’t realize how much of social security is taxed or whether or not having a job can affect those benefits. Without a foundation of knowledge, people cannot make good decisions and getting that knowledge is oftentimes difficult.

“Consider tax laws,” he says, “each year tax professionals take classes to understand how the laws have changed so that they can share this with their customers.  Tax law can be incredibly complicated, yet the IRS expects people to make sure they understand. The same can be true with financial advisors like myself, which is why I am constantly furthering my knowledge of the industry to make sure I can support my clients to the best of my abilities.”

B.A. Schrock Financial Group is a firm that is rested upon the bedrock of experience and non-stop learning. The financial advisors working at the firm all understand that their job rests upon building experience and trust. They recognize that they have a duty to share that knowledge with their clients to ensure that everyone is well aware of the impact of each decision and how that specific strategy might affect their financial future. The firm’s mission is to help people in the Ohio region create personalized financial plans that help them pursue their goals. They offer their knowledge and capability to anyone who wants to learn more.

Investment advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM). AEWM and B.A. Schrock Financial Group are not affiliated companies. Neither the firm nor its agents or representatives may give tax or legal advice. Individuals should consult with a qualified professional for guidance before making any purchasing decisions. Investing involves risk, including the loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. 

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