The New Cryptocurrency Thought Leadership Program by Beltway Catalyst

October 07 17:48 2019

Washington, DC – Oct 7, 2019 – Until now, Cryptocurrency experts have been left in the shade by traditional media, US Congress, federal agencies and the mainstream public. Today, Beltway Catalyst is introducing the most powerful, profound and unique executive Thought Leadership program ever to be offered to the cryptocurrency thought leader community. We offer immediate plug and play strategies that will instantly place you in a position that will maximize and hyper evolve your executive pedigree and garnish massive media coverage by placing you in guaranteed positions to flex your skills in an optimized setting that will have a reverberating impact on the industry.

Beltway Catalyst’s exclusive Executive Thought Leadership package includes the following instant plug and play strategies:

Guaranteed Publicity for you and your company: We will set up 5-10 local, national or international radio, TV, print and/or podcast interviews each and every month to showcase the you and/or your company.

• We will extend invites for you to participate in highly publicized cryptocurrency focused speaking engagements, expert panels and press conferences each and every month.

• We will produce a weekly TV show that will be promoted to industry via highly engaged social media and influencer promotions. We will produce your show one day each month, typically on the day we take you to Congress for your monthly advisory day in US Congress. We will also include you as an expert, as needed, on the shows of other synergistic clients. All production is filmed in 4k and includes all the bells and whistles you’d expect with premium grade production.

Cryptocurrency Documentary inclusion: We are in the process of finalizing details for the production of four cryptocurrency documentaries that will be submitted to iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, among others, for worldwide distribution. You’ll be interviewed with other top tier industry experts who will etch their names and brands on the history of this industry!

Your own Documentary! Our production team will produce a 30-60 minute “Thought Leader Spotlight” that centers around your evolution as an executive and will take the viewer though the trials and strides it took to become an industry powerhouse. We also provide a PR services specifically for the screening and launch of the documentary and will submit the film to iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, among others.

Company Documentary! We include all the same services mentioned above for a company-centric documentary that will carve out your organization’s leadership position in history.

• Throughout the year we will offer you opportunities for turnkey company/industry events at the Washington DC based National Press Club as well as other high profile locations in town.

And much more! We will custom tailor a package that exceeds your expectations and will expediently catapult your career!

Note: White Label services are also available for associations and public relations firms and we offer several package discounts on our already reasonable prices so that you can seamlessly fold your clients into our programs under your company’s portfolio of services. In fact, 90% of our business comes from outside public relations firms and we have safeguard mechanisms in place that protect your relationships with your client where we can facilitate 100% of our services through your corporate structure as an extension of, or partner of your organization. Contact us for details.

About Beltway Catalyst:

Beltway Catalyst is a Washington DC based firm that offers exclusive and unique thought leadership solutions such as: Congressional and Federal Agency advisory, guaranteed publicity, monthly National Press Club events, industry niche TV show production as well as executive and corporate documentary films distributed via submission to iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and more.

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