Dr. Stephen Odzer, Leading Board-Certified Allergist And Immunologist For Children, Featured On Top News Platforms

October 07 19:54 2019
Dr. Stephen Odzer is passionate about the health of children and his desire is to continue to see the development of innovative solutions. He has been featured in several top news outlets sharing his opinion and starting conversations

Topeka, KS – To ensure development in the area of pediatric care, expert physicians need to voice their opinions and share ideas with the world. One of the leading board-certified allergist and immunologist for children, Dr. Stephen Odzer, has been featured in several top news mediums where he made resourceful comments.

Dr. Stephen Odzer’s contribution to the news media has helped to enlighten parents, other professionals, and started conversations about several topics, including an innovative approach to children’s healthcare.

In the Tmcnet interview, the doctor talked about Insight into Current Pediatric Developments and Trends, including the administration of Albuterol for children who’re undergoing tonsillectomy. The doctor also made comments on Approach to Peanut Allergies, Risk of UTI in children and infants with bronchitis, and Children muscle fitness that reduces insulin resistance.

Another very intuitive and powerful interview granted by the respected medical practitioner is the one on TechnoFAQ where he expressed vital points on what Pediatricians need to Learn from Children. In the interview, he believes that special human characteristics like general excitement, empathy, and continuous learning, which are exhibited by children should be imbibed by medical experts. Dr. Stephen also thinks that pediatricians should always be learning and have a hunger for knowledge, just like children are.

Dr. Stephen Odzer is an expert who is always ready to share his ideas and start conversations that will lead to new discoveries. He continues to engage other experts and the general public, asking the most important questions potentially leading to problem-solving and better quality of life for children and families.

About Dr. Stephen Odzer

Dr. Odzer is a board-certified allergist and immunologist for children who strive to provide the highest level of care. He’s committed to improving the quality of life of children and adults having allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema, food allergy, sinusitis, and other allergic conditions in and around Topeka, Kansas. As an allergy sufferer himself, and a father whose son has peanut allergies, he has a unique ability to identify with his patients require, and assist them in developing a comprehensive treatment plan.

For more information, please contact 786-344-3789, [email protected], or visit https://stephenodzer.com/.

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