Embodying Change! Brad and Kasey Wallis Share Their Unique Spiritual Journey in Newly Released Book!

October 08 05:15 2019

Central, Utah, USA – Husband/Wife duo Brad and Kasey Wallis have now released their new book, Who YOU are BEING: The Teachings of Julius. Empowering bravery and inspiring change, the duo is on a unique mission to enlighten everyone they meet and equip them with the right tools for a spiritual transformation. The new book aims to help readers take charge of their life, hone their inner spirituality and trace the roots of who they were born to be. The duo also shares their own unique spiritual experience that brought them together and continues to give them the power to thrive and fulfill their purpose.

Brad and Kasey Wallis were on the cusp of developing a meaningful relationship when their lives were changed forever. Brad had a near-death experience that continues to shape his and his wife’s life even today. When Kasey found Brad in his bathroom, lying almost unconscious under unclear circumstances, she began to give him CPR while her daughter called for help. It was then that Brad had a life-changing out of body experience. During the CPR, Brad was able to see himself outside his body and in that moment, he was able to see unimaginably beautiful lights, colors and shapes. He was met by a group of High Light Beings that Brad and Kasey now call Julius. That moment between space and time became the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Who YOU Are BEING goes into great detail about the advanced intelligence of Julius and how it can help everyone attain higher consciousness. In order to spread the message of Julius as far out as possible, Kasey is a clear voice channel for a Higher Light Teaching Group they call Julius that aims to help people from across the globe look deep into their souls and find their true paths in life. Selflessly sharing their knowledge and unique outlook in this new book, Brad and Kasey address many important topics including the beginning of humanity and the many facets of human consciousness.

Brad and Kasey Wallis are a dynamic husband/wife duo, working proactively over the span of a decade to spread their unique message of spirituality and positivity across the globe. Being globally renowned speakers, workshop leaders and facilitators of consciousness, they always strive to form meaningful connections with the people they meet.

Brad and Kasey Wallis are available for interviews.

Who YOU are BEING: The Teachings of Julius is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YFTPF6C

About Brad and Kasey Wallis: http://expandwithjulius.com/about-us

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