Scariest Halloween Window Props to mark Brexit 2019

October 08 21:15 2019
The latest Scary Peeper Halloween props could be more frightening than Boris, Nigel, a no-deal Brexit or even Donald Trump!

As Brexit and Boris Johnson’s actions raise fears for the UK economy, Britain could be destined for the scariest Halloween ever with Brexit landing on the same day as Halloween!

Usually reason to celebrate, the spooky holiday has become the nation’s third largest retail event, with 51.5% of UK consumers splashing out on Halloween accessories in 2018 and spending over £360 million.

As a leading global supplier of Halloween themed products, Scary Peeper understands all too well the demand for ghostly and ghoulish adornments. Their innovative, scream-inducing products have been featured on the Jonathan Ross Show, in the Daily Mail, Sun and the Metro in the UK and were famously removed from shelves in Home Depot in Canada for being too creepy!