Sateur Jewelry Looks Like Diamond But Can Be Owned With Just 1% Of The Cost

October 10 12:36 2019
Diamonds are too expensive and yet they’re everywhere. Sateur is an alternative to diamond that is far less expensive and offering quality, class, and beauty beyond imagination

Everyone deserves to look different, feel special, and be noticed. Diamonds are great, but they’re just too expensive. Now, there is an alternative to diamonds that is just 1% percent of the cost. 

Satéur is a different kind of Jewelry created to solve the problem of cost and quality, which is the biggest issue in the jewelry industry. Satéur Sparkling Stone comes with a limited 3-year warranty to protects it against damage and any changes in color, clarity or brilliance. 

It’s rare, unlike diamonds that are everywhere and still expensive, and very pleasing to the naked eyes. Just like diamonds, Satéur is built to last forever. 

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Satéur is the next generation of jewelry, made for people good things in life and are ready to take their fashion statement to the next level. It gives everyone the opportunity to be who they want to be, without having to spend too much money. Perfectly cut and brilliantly clear in color, shape, and design, the gemstone is a good investment any day. Also, most people won’t even be able to know the difference because The Satéur Stone can’t be differentiated from diamond without professional viewing equipment.

Customers are assured of high quality since the product is made from a mix of rare ingredients using a top-grade formula. The Manufacturers are also very environmentally conscious, by making sure that Satéur is created without any affiliations to conflicts. 

The Satéur Destinée Ring™ is a product of unparalleled value, better made and better cut. It can be purchased at a very low price for wedding, anniversary, friends, couples, or even as a gift item for that special woman. 

Satéur was created by Felix Francois, a young and ambitious man, who was born into a family business that focused on gemstones and fossils since 1989. Felix loved diamonds and decided to impress his fiancé with one, during the engagement proposal. The reality of diamond monopoly dawned on him when he couldn’t find a good one he could afford on the market. 

Felix then teamed up with his fiancé, Michel D’aramitz, who also happens to be a gemstone enthusiast, to start the Satéur brand. After three years in the journey, Satéur is now a success, with a presence in 5 different countries, including Canada, the UK, the US, China, and Germany. They serve over 71,500+ Happy Customers, offer world Class Customer Service with 100% Secure Ordering. 

Satéur is made for everyone who wants to express their class and style without spending a fortune. It’s a beautiful piece of gemstone that is affordable, elegant, and worth having. 

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