Interview with CEO of LUCKY Mine Machine Mall Company: Creating a New Era of Mining for All

October 10 20:24 2019

I remember that there is another company that has carried out its business in full swing with decades of experience in the deep mining machine industry and 7 years of rich research and operation teams in the block chain.  Their mining machine rental service is comprehensive and professional. With their strong calculation power and mining pool, they help customers in different regions to establish two-way trust and make “mining” more valuable.  Recently, I was LUCKY enough to interview the founder of Lucky Mine Machine Mall Company in the United States, and introduced the mine machine, its usage scenarios and future trends.

The keynote of LUCKY Mine Machine Mall in the United States: Mining for All

According to today’s bleak market environment for mining machines, the CEO of LUCKY Mining Machine Mall Company of the United States confidently said in the battle of competition and perseverance: “Having a Wall Street background can enable the mining machine mall trading company to still ensure its financial strength under the current severe environment, thus having enough confidence. In addition, while introducing high-end technical talents from Silicon Valley, the company also pays high salaries to hire high-end senior talents in the industry, thus making it not a dream to mine all over the country.”

When talking about the current industry background, how do you understand and stick to it?

The CEO of LUCKY Mine Machine Mall said: When entering the mine machine industry, the currency price is high, the mine machine is also expensive, the cost of investment in the early stage of mining is huge, and the maintenance cost after the formal operation is quite high. LUCKY Mine Machine Mall needs to find a new way out when the mining cost is high, so that the public can participate in mining together.

Now the mining industry is still very hot, because many people are doing this, why do you feel capable and only you can do it?

The CEO of LUCKY Mine Machine Mall introduced the company’s operation mode to the author in detail: firstly, relying on its own abundant capital and talent strength, it chose low-cost generators of self-built clean energy in cities all over the world to fully guarantee the operation of all machines while taking into account the low-cost operation mode.  At the same time, by leasing to the general public, more people can enter the mining industry with low cost and low threshold.  During the lease period, security and risks will be guaranteed and guaranteed by LUCKY Mine Machine Mall.

What do you think is the best expectation for the future planning and vision of LUCKY Mine Machine Mall?

“As mining industry development should return to the public, ordinary people can also participate directly. We want to obtain bitcoin in a low-cost and safe way. We want to provide the best rental service for the public, so that more people can participate in mining together, and more people hold project tokens.  Why is this?  Because now there are fewer and fewer excellent block chain projects. Over the past few months, the block chain market has entered a cold winter.  The general business volume of block chain companies is declining like a cliff, with a sharp drop in revenue. In the ecosystem of investors, media, exchanges and communities, ICO has become the norm. Funds raised by the project side have shrunk dramatically, research and development costs have been cut, and they are living a frugal life.  The once active community has become a dead group and there is no room for profit. Of course, no one is active. This also leads to a vicious circle, and the project cannot develop healthily and well.  

What LUCKY Mine Machine Mall did at this time was to give suggestions on industry standards from the two latitudes of calculation force and mine machine field with a high standard draft of mining standards.  Put forward real and transparent calculation indexes and access standards for mines and mining machines, which will immediately provide a concise screening process for the review of high-quality projects in the block chain. LUCKY Mining Machine Mall encourages everyone to dig mines by themselves and pay their own labor. This is a process of self-value production. The cost problem can be safely handed over to LUCKY Mining Machine Mall, and the income obtained has gone into their own pockets.  Looking at LUCKY Mine Machine Mall, mining is not only the basic guarantee for issuing coins but also the operation of bitcoin system.  LUCKY Mine Machine Mall is more like building a new type of project machine.  Under the global positioning strategy of the future mining machine mall, excellent block chain projects will emerge at various levels. under the circumstance that everyone can dig mines and the interests are continuously improving, the current phenomenon of small number of ICO community management participants will never come back.”

When it comes to future development planning, the CEO said that the goal is to position the world, lay a solid foundation in an all-round way, so that everyone can join in mining at low cost, and create an era of mining for all, so that everyone can join in at low cost.  I believe that in the future, LUCKY Mine Mall Company of the United States will bring a new wind direction and a new vision to the industry.

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