Star public chain project AITC, incubated by Huoshi Ecology, is about to launch at OKFT exchange

October 25 21:15 2019

AITC is a public chain that builds a new ecotourism business model based on the underlying technology of blockchain. Through the powerful technical team, the underlying technology of blockchain + social + 5G + short video + artificial intelligence + internet celebrity economy is connected into the traditional tourism industry. By implementing on the DAPP, AITC will lead and restructure the entire tourism industry, and realize the eco-chain public chain with the theme of whole region tourism and the application of national tour guides.

AITC’s technical team comes from Grace Intelligent Blockchain Technology Co.Ltd.(Taiwan). This Taiwan company is the leading blockchain development center in the Asia Pacific region. It focuses on developing the underlying technology of the blockchain and has successfully developed multiple public and private chains. It has recruited financial science and technology talents from Taishin Bank, United International Securities, Citibank, and E.SUN Bank Information Department, and led more than 70 blockchain technical engineers to familiarize themselves with various consensus algorithms such as PoW,PoS,PoA,PoE,PoT. The blockchain team is determined to be the front-end of blockchain technology.

Huoshi Ecology has concentrated the best resources in the blockchain industry ecology, and it will provide AITC with a huge user group, capital and other incubation services, including more than 500,000 community user flows and 10 million financial support.

Huoshi Chain AI plan is about to start. It is now recruiting only 20 co-founders worldwide to jointly create a market value of 10 billion yuan.


The Artificial Intelligence Travel Coin (AITC) will introduce a new generation of travel through the blockchain infrastructure to connect travellers and service providers. It aims to revolutionize the way we travel, connect and explore through a unique ecosystem developed by us.

Utilizing our AI tech by matching what best suits you, you will be able to customize and personalize the kind of trip you want and create the memory your experience deserves.

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