Carlos Murray, Accomplished Indiana Author, Shares Storytelling Passion With Readers Worldwide Across 30 Novels

October 28 14:39 2019

Carlos Alexander Murray, a film director and writer from the city of Gary, Indiana, is an accomplished storyteller and author of more than 30 critically acclaimed novels published under his publishing house, Bittersweet Publishing.

Murray born and raised in Gary, Indiana. A graduate of the 1991 class from Roosevelt High School, it was here in Gary that Murray got his first start in film and writing, starring in the hit motion picture Original Gangstas in 1995.

Since 1995, Murray has directed many other films, authored screenplays, and published more than 30 critically acclaimed novels and short stories. His first trilogy, made up of titles Remember Me, Vendetta, 15 Days to an Execution, and The Annihilation, take readers on a journey of good and evil forces as two supernatural characters meet at an end of the world confrontation. 

Captivated by the art of storytelling, including creative character and plot developments, in-depth schemes and twisted turns and narrations, Murray has been perfecting his own writings since 1995. Starting with his first trilogy, he creates two opposition books of the genre, spiritual and suspense.

Today, Murray spends his time writing his next trilogy, The MYA Trilogies and telling his inspiring life story in The Midwest Breeds A King. He is also developing a mobile board game application, The Game of Chase.

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