Survey Reveals 48 Per Cent of Millennial Perceive Medical Aesthetic Treatments Similar To Getting a Haircut

October 28 21:04 2019
The poll sample was made of over 1,000 women aged between 18 and 30 years old and aimed to uncover what this generation truly thinks about a wide range of cosmetic treatments.

Since the approval of cosmetic injections, dermal fillers, and lasers for various cosmetic uses such as hair removal or wrinkle reduction – the world of minimally or non-invasive aesthetical procedures has rapidly become the go to choice for a wide range of treatments. As a key member of the Canadian industry with locations in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan and Newmarket

Canada MedLaser wants to echo the findings of a recent survey looking at perceptions of non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures.

Over half of millennial have had or would have an aesthetic treatment

The poll sample was made of over 1,000 women aged between 18 and 30 years old and aimed to uncover what this generation truly thinks about a wide range of cosmetic treatments. One of the key findings which reinforces the belief that aesthetic procedures are the new normal suggested that almost half (48 per cent) associate minimally or non-invasive interventions with having a haircut. While 66 per cent said they either had a treatment done or would consider having one in the future.

“Results such as these are indicative that our society has changed. Gone are the days when only Hollywood superstars would get them done thus causing outrage in the media and the general public. It’s also positive to see women being more confident with their choices of improving how they look without having to do it behind closed doors or feel ashamed about it”, said a Canada MedLaser representative.

We need to stay alert however, says the clinic.

While these developments are tokens of progress and a whole new mindset unravelling, the clinic wants to stays precautious and be mindful of the reasons behind an increasing number of women seeking such treatments.

“It was interesting to learn that 83 per cent of the women polled stated they would like to change something about their bodies, whether something more minor like their lips or more invasive such as their breasts. We would have loved to see what their reasons behind this was. While we support the idea of empowering everyone to feel good and look good, we also want to raise awareness of the fact that it is crucial to embark on this journey with the right mindset and expectations. Medical aesthetic treatments should be perceived as enhancers of a beauty that is already there, not as an answer to filling out a self-esteem need or fixing the wrongs in our lives. Now more than ever with younger generations increasingly aware and conscious of their bodies and physical appearance, the industry has to play a role in educating and providing the right kind of support”, concluded the spokesperson.

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