Thanksgiving 2019 Amazon Sales Statistics and Trends

October 30 19:57 2019

Thanksgiving kicks off the biggest shopping season of the year. Every year, millions of products are purchased on Amazon from people from different parts of the world during this season. Therefore, both sellers and buyers are gearing up to make the most out of this event.

Sales trend on Amazon of Thanksgiving related items in the last year

For Amazon sellers, this point of time is extremely crucial as this is when they can strategically exhibit their product, boost up their sales, and generate tons of revenue. As Thanksgiving approaches, new a wave of trends appears in the market that helps sellers to make effective selling strategies to stay ahead in the marketplace.

Analyze the Traffic

One of the imperative aspects of building a successful selling campaign this Thanksgiving is to do a thorough analysis of the traffic flow. By understanding the traffic on various products, you will be able to make a better decision with regards to what products you must market the most and when. 

Numbers of newly-listed thanksgiving-related items this year and the last year

Assessing the traffic on Amazon has become quite efficient with the introduction of powerful software like SellerMotor. It is an extensive ecosystem that assists the Amazon seller with a wide range of selling procedures and gain better outcomes. Its Amazon PPC guide thoroughly evaluates the market and shows what products are trending on the market so that you can build an effective PPC campaign accordingly. Harnessing the data is one of the important tasks that you should be doing in order to make sure you have a profitable season. Below are some useful stats by SellerMotor with regards to Thanksgiving.

Generate Buzz for your Deals

Harness your mailing lists to create a pre-buzz prior to the Thanksgiving sales. Highlight the start times for the special offers and inform what shoppers can obtain during that time. Stand out from other sellers by providing special incentives like a chance to get a coupon for X dollars, or win a popular product. Be creative with how you approach to attract your shoppers. Furthermore, if your email list is segmented, you send out targeted emails with specific deals to each group. Consumers are inclined towards the sellers who offer them personalized services. If you don’t have a segmented email list, make sure you get it sorted for the next year.

Assess the Consumer Trends

Understanding our consumer preference is one of the important factors that help you make an effective selling strategy. Over the years, the spending of shoppers has seen a significant rise, and you can benefit from that. Gauge the buying behavior of your customers to understand their buying preferences. Tools like SellerMotor come really handy in making the whole process more streamlined, effective, and less time-consuming. Aforementioned statistics by the software provide an insight with regards to the popular thanksgiving products that were listed in the Amazon in the last three months. Such data significantly help in building effective Amazon PPC campaign.

Ensure that You have Everything Prepared Well in Advance

Thanksgiving time witnesses a massive influx of traffic, which can get pretty hectic and complication if you are not prepared well in advance. If you are dealing with certain bugs or your system is lagging behind, make sure that you get it to fix before the shopping season kicks off. Additionally, ensure that you have hired all the help you need during this season, and your back-up options are also covered in case something unexpected occurs.

Sort Your Ads and Budget

Don’t keep your advertising for the day before Thanksgiving. You need to prepare your ad campaigns at least a month before the sales seasons kick-off. This will give you enough time to make the necessary modifications in order to make your advertising campaign better. Make sure you include the word “Thanksgiving” in your advertising campaigns to boost your click-through rates. This is the time where you need to invest big in your marketing campaign. The way you market will significantly help you improve your sales prospects.

Check Your Inventory

Ensure that you have adequate inventory to meet the possible demand of the customers during the sales. You don’t want to tell your customers that their desired product is out of the sale; otherwise, they will be jumping on to other sellers, and you will miss out on a sales prospect. Moreover, if you don’t want to keep the risk of excess products in your inventory, consider back-up suppliers who can ship the products when you need it. Another important thing to do is pre-pack your inventory. Before the commotion begins, make sure that your products are packed, and all that is left is to put a particular label and ship. If you were selling on particular kinds of products and put them in a box in advance or you can store them together so that they are easy to find.

The Art of Bundled Deals

If you a couple of related products, you can bundle them and extend people a buy box. Additionally, if you have some cheaper products that are related to the main products, then you can make an attractive bundle. When you offer special deals like these, it can make a significant difference to your sales.

Focus on Getting More Reviews

People are more likely to buy products if someone recommended them. The same is the case with online shopping scenarios; buyers look at the reviews of the customers who already purchase the product to seek reassurance. If you have more reviews on your product, better will be its visibility, thereby boosting the sales prospects. Buyers who are at the fence about buying a product can be convinced by the quality reviews that you receive. Make sure you offer exceptional customer service so that customers are encouraged to write positive reviews. Even if you have a bad review, make sure you respond to it tactically.

Thanksgiving is an amazing time for sellers to exhibit their products and boost their sales. It kicks off the holiday season, and people, in general, are in the mood to buy. Therefore, sellers need to implement the right strategies and provide the right deals that work in favor of buyers and sellers alike. Above are some of the things that Amazon sellers must keep in mind in order to boost their sales and revenue this Thanksgiving season.

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