PowerPlus Mouthguard partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation for helping to spread Breast Cancer Awareness

November 01 20:54 2019

PowerPlus Mouthguard partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation donating 10% of the sales made during a year long campaign – October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – for helping the cause. The campaign is launched together with the “buy 3 and get 4”; the user buys 3 PowerPlus Mouthguards and gets the 4th free.

All athletes should be using a custom mouth guard designed to their bite position. The PowerPlus Mouthguard was created as a means to maintain the physiological jaw position of each individual athlete.  PowerPlus Mouthguard has designed appliance to optimize the upper–lower jaw relationship and to improve strength, balance, oxygen intake, and drastically lower the chance of a concussion.

Independent studies have shown that the PowerPlus Mouthguard will provide you with improvement to both upper and lower body strength. The same improvements are not present with a common mouth guard.

Over 4,000 athletes have used the PowerPlus Mouthguard, and the amount of diagnosed concussions is 0.2%. The PowerPlus Mouthguard offers athletes, coaches, and parents an advantage to keep their players safe on the field.

We have asked a few questions to Dr. Michael Hutchison – founder of PowerPlus Mouthguard – to better understand the impact of this partnership.

Q. Why have you decided to partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

A. As a practicing Dental professional, I have many patients affected by this disease. A good friend and next-door neighbor lost her sister to Breast cancer and I want to do all I can to eradicate it. PowerPlus “Pink” is a great way to make a big impact and I’m excited to be able to further this important research.

Q. What are the added benefits of the PowerPlus Mouthguard compared to more traditional mouth guards?

A. Traditional mouth guards are a 69-year-old technology designed to protect your teeth from fracturing. They do a good job at that. Since they are one size fits all they are large and bulky, obstruct breathing, they are uncomfortable and cause disruption in our neurophysiology that is important in balancing our jaw joint,s giving us optimal muscle performance needed to perform at our highest potential. Since we are all different in our anatomical make-up we need a way to customize our mouth guard so we can harness this important personal body physiology.

Q. Can you tell us more about the “Physiologic Jaw Position”?

A. Physiologic Jaw position is a lower jaw (mandible) position in which the muscles that make the jaw move are in balance, functioning in harmony, with all other muscles and they are at rest. This is a state of balance that allows free unobstructed nerve information to reach the rest of the body’s muscles and a position in which the ball (Condyle) of the joint is positioned directly in the center of the socket allowing for no transferal of impact G-Forces to the brain across the socket. An event termed as a TBI or Concussion. These forces are dissipated and transferred away from the brain.

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