BonitaBonita Ltd. Introduces Exclusive Kimono Cushions Handcrafted in Japan

November 03 01:09 2019
Created from Kimono materials, these cushions are a true reflection of the traditional beauty of Japan.

Hokkaido, Japan – BonitaBonita LTD is proud to announce that its Kimono Cushions are now to be made available outside Japan. Made entirely from authentic silk kimono belts, the delicate embroidery on the cushion covers is handcrafted in a classic, traditional Japanese pattern.

The cushion covers are produced by Mikami, who lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Mikami started making Kimono Cushion covers after she unexpectedly received a large package from her aunt, posthumously. The package contained a family heirloom:  a beautiful kimono and an obi (kimono belt.)

Mikami explains that she would rarely have the opportunity to wear a kimono herself.

“In Japan, you can only wear a kimono to special places such as celebrations and ceremonies. It bothered me that I had no choice but to store my beautiful kimono in a closet where nobody would get to appreciate it.”

Mikami was particularly impressed by the beauty of the belt, which like others of its kind, was made entirely from silk and embroidered with the finest gold thread. She soon came up with the idea of transforming kimono belts into cushion covers.

“Kimono belts are thick, so they are silky, flexible, and perfectly suitable for cushion covers. They are all unique. The old craftsmen had skill, knowledge and a sense of playfulness. Every single detail has meaning, history, and a story behind it.”

Since wearing a kimono in modern Japan is reserved just for a few special days, they are stored away for most of the year. According to Mikami, many people throw away their kimonos, even new ones.

“I think it is a good idea to change the shape to a new cushion cover so that such valuable things will be loved for a long time. You are able to appreciate it, as if you would appreciate a picture in the room.

“Japan has many traditions that have been loved for many years. The kimono and obi are one of them. I do believe it is good to change with the times, but the beauty of these artifacts should live on. That is why I would like to deliver this historic design that symbolizes Japan to the rest of the world in the form of cushion covers.”

Each cushion cover is unique, so no two are the same. Made from 100% silk, the cushion covers are perfect for living rooms, offices, showrooms, or as accessories for photographs.

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