Globaltrade App – A Game Changer in Cryptos

November 05 01:39 2019
Globaltrade App - A Game Changer in Cryptos

Russia – November 4, 2019 – Crypto game-changer: Globaltrade App Available now on Google Play and be launched on IOS in November

Global Capital Smart Tech Ltd has successfully launched a blockchain project for the app trade AI fund, to securely manage cryptocurrency assets. Results are public and transparent post on the app and checked directly on the exchange.

We had an interview from Google News with director of Global Trade, Mr. Lewis Jack  EU marketing director about his future plans to lead Global Trade App to become the world’s leading technology application on all devices

Can you share with your readers about your plan to bring Global Trade App to success?

The Globaltrade App is a groundbreaking platform of five integrated technology applications on it:

Multi coin: Globaltrade can be called a decentralized multi-application electronic wallet. You can store a lot of coins on it, we divided into 5 upgrade stages with versions to be launched according to the schedule. The highest version will be the top 30 coins in terms of capitalization and top in technology applications, currently also the 3 largest coins of the market including bitcoin, Ethereum, tether, in December 2019 we will integrate top 10 cyptos on the marketcap. The introduction of multicoin makes it easier for the community to manage assets on an application, the capital allocation rate is also clearly shown through our portfolio, you can switch between coins right on the application without any delivery fees of transfer, save conversion time for example: eth increases you  change to usdt, when eth decreases you use usdt to buy eth to increase profits, the unit of cash conversion is also integrated; easy to control between cash and coin, in addition to supporting the national language to help the application can be expanded to the global community. Starting October 25th, 2019, you can use the globaltrade app instead of blockchain. All the investment is shown in the portfolio of the app, which is convenient for all of us to track and see the value of total asset.

Provide the latest prices and market information: Globaltrade displays prices, market capitalization, trading volume, 100 largest coins on the market so you can quickly update market fluctuations to make decisions; set into reasonable orders.

On the whole, market data reveals the attractiveness of a particular market or industry, essentially providing an insight into the financial situation of a given market. This is useful for a wealth of different groups of people who use market data in their daily activities. Amongst these are traders, who gather and assess market data in order to evaluate the market risk involved in the process of trading a particular asset or instrument.

For individual or institutional investors, market data is a gateway to understanding previous trends, making informed decisions based on facts, and forecasting future performance. The goal of this is to drive profitability and increase returns. Supporting even the least educated newcomers can invest.

Invest in double profits: the way that the most successful people in this market they often do is to increase the number of coins at all times, for example you have 100eth the price of $ 200 how can I increase. 500eth when the price reaches 1000 $? It is very difficult for an individual, when there is not enough analytical tool, no standard information source, no technical knowledge, no experience in managing capital … almost all traders lose, our company owning a trade algorithm called effective Venus AI is a secret that we do not sell out to trade, ensuring the average profit performance of 30-40% per month. So you can increase your assets right on your app many times, while the market goes down, investing to increase the number is the smartest method. The process of receiving interest rates is also 100% automatic, starting from October 25th, 2019 our system universal globaltrade app, then both your static interest and system commission will be automatically withdraw to globaltrade wallet. This process is available to all members, especially those who do not understand the technology and have little time to invest.

Announce daily and hourly trade profits: when VenusAi enters the order and makes a profit at the same time, the system automatically sends a report of the bot’s profit to the trade worldwide. Public profit transparency makes it impossible to track 24/7. This one is the best for investors, also good for the marketing activities. We make sure every trading is profitable for you, in seconds. All the investors will be surely happy when good results is proven by our bot trade. Very few systems in the world can do this.

Privacy security with many layers: for web and app

A decentralized platform should provide you with a private key, when lost password and id you can restore your money with the private key.

Authorize device by email to prevent access on new devices and browsers.

Login with Google Email Authentication and Firewall against system DDOS, stealing information, password of at least 8 characters with both uppercase and special letters, all customer information is also encrypted.

All internal transactions such as withdrawing eth, transferring eth, changing information must verify code.

Kyc account to ensure the owner of the property, reconcile support in accordance with customer requirements.

Pincode 6 characters to increase the security of your account, you can set fingerprints and face recognition in some high-end devices, prevent hacking of wifi ip, block all code and malware from attacking the app…

App Globaltrade fully integrated on all applications that are convenient for customers to use, such as window, Appstore, Android

We are confident that it will be a new technology platform to replace other old centralized platforms and less user support tools

Many thanks. I wish that Globaltrade App will step by step grow stronger.

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