Clean Tech Startup MF Fire Set to Launch Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine

September 17 06:12 2020
Clean Tech Startup MF Fire Set to Launch Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine

BALTIMORE, Md. – September 16, 2020 – MF Fire, a clean tech company offering groundbreaking wood stove technology that eliminates critical air pollution, has announced the launch of an equity crowdfunding campaign on the platform StartEngine.

Led by a team of engineers and fire scientists, MF Fire has created innovative, high-tech wood-burning stoves that transform wood heat into clean energy. The company was among the first to market smart wood stoves, which continuously monitor and adjust the fire to achieve the desired temperature, eliminate soot and smoke, and automatically prevent chimney fires. Applying advanced fire science principals, MF Fire has focused on achieving the most efficient burn possible, helping customers save up to 50% on home heating costs. MF fire also introduced the first turbo start system, which reduces fire startup times from 30 minutes to under 5 minutes.

Distinguished from the start for its clean-burning wood stoves, MF Fire surpasses most of its competitors in meeting strict emissions standards. When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instituted new, stricter emissions standards in May 2020, more than half of MF Fire’s competitors were pushed out of the market, while MF Fire’s products easily met the new standards.

“The industry was resistant to change, saying the new regulations were impossible to meet and too costly,” says Paul LaPorte, MF Fire CEO. “MF Fire proved that a young upstart could successfully compete and deliver fresh, new products that met the new standard in record time and at a fraction of the cost.”

The MF Fire story began when founders Ryan Fisher and Taylor Myers, students at the University of Maryland, entered a competition to create an innovative, low-emissions wood stove. The only college team competing against major stove manufacturers from around the world, Fisher and Myers won the Low Emissions Prize. The next year, in the same competition, they won the Grand Prize for Best Overall Stove. Fisher and Myers went on to win the prestigious MIT Clean Energy Prize for Energy Efficiency.

With an eye toward the future, MF Fire seeks to continually innovate and develop new products. “We are technologists and engineers,” says LaPorte. “Our drive to innovate has propelled us to seek out new ways to transform wood heat into clean energy and to find market segments where we can make a difference.”

About MF Fire: 
MF Fire is a clean tech company that has created groundbreaking wood stove technology that eliminates critical air pollution. MF Fire was founded by engineering experts with multiple advanced degrees in fire science and its CEO is a veteran entrepreneur and rocket scientist from MIT. 
For more information, visit MF Fire’s StartEngine page.

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