Hidden Street Magic Curates Top Premium Magic Products and Magic Effects For All Magic Enthusiasts

September 17 06:54 2020
This company paves the way for magic to be performed with daily, practical objects anytime and anywhere, on and off camera

In the magic and illusion industry, too many magic effects and products are being used and manufactured that don’t cut it when it comes to quality. Only few are practical and many require camera tricks to be performed. Hidden Street Magic, a company that encourages all-around magic, is the top curator of premium magic effects and tools for magicians, card collectors, and cardists, allowing access to high-quality magic that can be performed with daily objects any time even without a camera.

Avriel Lim, founder of Hidden Street Magic, noticed that there have been too many inferior grade magic products in the market and due to magic being a special art, some sellers heavily overprice the items. These products spoil quickly and expose the magicians easily leading to the magicians getting embarrassed and give up performing way too soon. These are the reasons why Avriel decided to put out better, high-quality, and premium options of magic lessons and products that are made to perform and stand out. These tools are there to give the magicians the confidence and peace of mind when performing with their products, allowing them to focus on bringing joy and wonderment to their audiences.

“You don’t learn tricks. You learn real magic,” says Hidden Street Magic founder Avriel Lim. The company is on a passionate mission to develop magicians to have practical social magic skills, using magic to bring joy and happiness to the society and the world. When magicians have confidence in the products they use, they gain more confidence in their talent and in themselves – this is where the magic becomes reality, it is where magic comes alive.

The magic brand believes in honesty and authenticity, offering only the best products and effects that can be performed in real life, like their top-selling premium quality playing cards that serve magicians, cardists, and card collectors alike. More than just quality, the team at Hidden Street Magic is very knowledgeable in the industry – they continuously test all their products for themselves, giving them the opportunity to know which ones are good for the brand and which ones are not. All their products are made to last much longer than your regular ones, making the affordable price points worth every penny. If you want to be a truly inspiring and believable magician, there is only one place for you to go – Hidden Street Magic.

Learn more about their products at http://www.hidden-street-magic.com/

About Hidden Street Magic

Hidden Street Magic is a company that believes magic should be realistic and bring joy to everyone – magicians, enthusiasts and audiences alike.

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