Paul O’Mara Launches His Personalized Tarot Card Readings And Meanings Service For Psychic Reading Enthusiasts

October 02 21:51 2020
Professional clairvoyant and psychic reading expert, Paul O’Mara, introduces his new unique Tarot reading service to take clients on a more in-depth personal experience.

Paul O’Mara has lived his entire life devoted to Tarot. Paul is devoted to honouring yet updating the traditional methods learnt in his youth. Paul believes that in the right hands Tarot is a powerful technology for personal transformation. Paul uses his own self designed deck drawing on the wisdom of the ancients. Now he has revisited each of those archetypes, challenging his beliefs, reimagining each card as a short animation for what became his Tarot Rehab – A sequence of short animations following the Fools Journey along the Royal Road of Tarot.

I stepped back into each of the cards I created all those years ago. I challenged what I really believed, the secrets I had already forgotten. I needed to revisit the keys. These are not ‘readings’, they are designed to take you inside what each card means to me, unlock the meanings one card at a time,” said Paul O’Mara.

According to an IBIS industry report, the number of active Psychic and Tarot business has grown by 1.6% and their employees by 1.4% in the last five years. This underlines the increasing popularity of psychic and Tarot reading, a phenomenon that can be primarily attributed to the practice’s effectiveness. Over the years, O’Mara has carved a niche in the industry to help people gain clarity and identify their true purpose in the world, a claim recently substantiated with his newly introduced Tarot reading service. 

Paul’s approach to tarot card readings and meanings is transformational, encouraging clients to explore his wealth of experience and knowledge to fire their personal journey to freedom & empowerment. The personification of the process is one feature that differentiates Paul in the industry. Unlike static online Tarot reading, Paul has created a micro Tarot universe where the visitor forms their own impressions from the meanings embedded in each of the Tarot Rehab journeys.

The newly launched service was inspired by the desire to help clients engage with the 22 keys as contained in his Major Tarot cards quickly & easily. Subliminally absorbing the symbols & imagery, people often discover what unique personal meanings are hidden in their subconscious. Some of the benefits to enjoy from the digital detox as offered by Paul include gaining clarity on personal blocks, rediscovering their authentic self and manifesting a more empowered future. Tarot encourages individuals to find peace in the moment and enjoy the positives of life instead of dwelling on the past or self limiting beliefs.

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About Paul O’Mara

Paul O’Mara is a clairvoyant that has been obsessed with Tarot for decades. His passion for Tarot and the desire to help others led to the creation of the Tarot Rehab. 

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