Shaman and Business Coach Shares How To Manifest Dream Business Despite Trauma & Addiction

October 06 13:06 2020
Shaman and Business Coach Shares How To Manifest Dream Business Despite Trauma & Addiction

Your trauma is the catalyst to rise! You don’t have to wait for permission to monetize your impact anymore! Just remember these four words: CLARITY, CONNECTING, CONGRUENCE, and CONTINUITY!

From Trauma To Co-creation

Being an entrepreneur while conquering life’s challenges is not for the faint-hearted. Yolandé Viljoen, The Sacred Business Coach, shares a dream with Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Brené Brown… to help others believe in their strength and impact by acting on their goals.

This mindset didn’t happen overnight, but what drives her to stay on track is the impact. Creating an impact fuels her.

An awakening with addiction

Experiencing her mother’s death, her addiction, and being raped all in 18 months, … awakened her inner Shaman.

Addiction & Shamanism taught her how to release limiting beliefs and co-create her reality. Yolandé started using her story to speak about to use the suffering to rise above old belief systems that keep people stuck in their business specifically. 

She believes people carry their traumas into the business, making them spin around in non-monetizing and unproductive cycles, just like their traumas.

Manifesting the business and reality people want translates to rising to challenges and integrating those lessons into future steps, and this is what Yolandé did, every step of the way. 

A shaman and a business coach

Yolande’s keen interest in human behavior is where her love for business and marketing began, but her mission behind the business focus is slightly different from average…

Instead of using marketing to sell more and business to make money, the energy she infuses into growth strategies can make her clients’ business make an impact and change lives WHILE making money. She teaches this to her clients by facilitating crystal clarity on their intention and energy behind the reason they want to grow their businesses. 

Why is intention so important when people do business?

Yolandé shares that spiritual leaders may feel like they are betraying their spiritual connection with the concepts of effective marketing and business growth – what is really preventing spiritual leaders from their ultimate success is their attachment to their traumas’ shame, not the actual traumas that occurred in their life. 

By infusing her shamanic work into her business coaching, she learned that entrepreneurs could not pivot their success into a more significant impact without being aware that they need to heal their past traumas and limiting beliefs first.

She believes that taking the clients on a journey while healing their traumas creates intention and vulnerability an audience can’t say no to. This intention leads to stellar business growth.

More about Yolandé

Yolandé is the founder of a community for spiritual leaders to grow their visibility. Her role is to make sure you stay on purpose in your business with an unapologetic soul and to use this soul to pivot your success into a global brand.

She has been featured in numerous online summits & podcasts and is the President of the African Chapter for a heart-centered organization for men and women in business, Speak Up and Empower.

Contact her via her business page.

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