L.A. Criminal Attorney Ronda Dixon Launches Criminal Justice Podcast to Share Fact-Filled Stories and Insights from California Courts

October 13 10:46 2020

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Ronda Dixon has launched the Dixon Justice Center podcast to share fact-filled dramatic stories fresh from courts across the nation and from the streets of L.A For full details visit www.DixonJusticeCenter.com.

Attorney Ronda Dixon began her law career in the Appellate Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Now, as a leading Los Angeles criminal attorney she works with defendants to ensure their rights are protected as she represents them in court.

Dixon’s insight into how cases are investigated and prosecuted, and her experience supporting the accused before, during, and after arrest, compelled her to launch the Dixon Justice Center podcast where she’ll share what she has learned from her decade practicing law in Los Angeles.

Dixon says, “In my work with the DA, and my time as a criminal attorney working both for the DA and for criminal defendants, I have seen thousands of cases play out in dramatic ways. My work has required me to research important cases nationwide as well.  Though this podcast I want to share some of what I have learned with people who understand what an important battlefield courts are when it comes to creating, maintaining, and protecting justice inside the United States.”

She goes on to say, “Laws are passed in legislatures nationwide, but those laws are interpreted by judges based on the cases lawyers and defendants bring before them. There’s often a country mile of difference between what the lawmakers and public intended when a law is written and how that law actually plays out in the courts and streets.”

She concludes by saying, “My first podcast addresses the realities of protesting here in Los Angeles.  This has been a year of protest, and we are absolutely certain to see thousands more take to the streets going forward. We, as citizens have a right to free speech, to protest, to be heard.  But the reality is that peaceful protestors are injured and arrested every year by police trying to keep the peace. I talk about what protestors have to do to protect themselves when they protest, how to handle being stopped, and how to handle being arrested. I talk about why these steps are necessary.”

Those interested in subscribing to the new podcast should visit https://dixonjusticecenter.transistor.fm.

To learn more about Ronda Dixon and the Dixon Justice Center visit DixonJusticeCenter.com.


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About Ronda Dixon and the Dixon Justice Center

Ronda Dixon, has been fighting for justice for 30 years. She began her law career in the Appellate Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Active in the community, she founded a nonprofit organization to help people with Substance Abuse problems recover. She participated in the rehabilitation of hundreds of people with drug, alcohol, domestic violence, and child abuse problems. In 2009 Ronda was recognized as Woman of The Year for her work in the community. She recently founded the SoLA – South Los Angeles Justice Center to help people on a pro-Bono or sliding scale fee basis. Ronda and her diverse team of legal advisers, co-counsels, and testifying experts deliver the best possible representation for you and your case. She will help you navigate the legal system to get the best outcome for your case with compassion and tenacity.

For a free case evaluation of new or ongoing criminal cases, call 1-877-384-5239 or visit www.DixonJusticeCenter.com

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