Zhihui Li: Intelligent Technology Leads the Rapid Development of International Aviation Inspection and Maintenance

November 09 22:24 2020

Previously, at “The 6th International Aircraft Engineering Summit 2019 & The 9th China Aviation Industry Summit” held in Shanghai, many well-known academicians, experts, and scholars at home and abroad expressed their opinions that the new round of information technology revolution provides a broad technical support foundation and a good environment for the development of international aviation, and the next few years will be the golden period for the development of the international aviation industry.

It is understood that this forum has attracted hundreds of well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad to attend. Among them, Zhihui Li, a technical leader in the field of contemporary Chinese aviation inspection and maintenance, is particularly eye-catching. As a Special Guest, Zhihui Li not only gave two consecutive cutting-edge keynote speeches on aircraft maintenance, but also emphasized the importance of informatization and intelligent technology for the future development of international aviation inspection and maintenance. As Herman Kooyman, President of Global Aviation, said at the conference: “I hope that in the future, there will be more top technical experts in the aviation engineering industry like Zhihui Li, who take industry development as their responsibility, keep pioneering and innovating, and introduce intelligence into aviation inspection and maintenance, leading the international aviation industry to a brilliant future.”

As the top scientific researcher in the field of international intelligent aviation inspection and maintenance, Zhihui Li is a well-known scientific research madman in the industry. With his pioneering work in the intelligent diagnosis of aircraft faults, the performance prediction and evaluation of aircraft main kinetic energy devices, and aviation safety driving, he has had a profound impact on the academic community. His scientific research achievements have been widely used in hundreds of aviation industry-related companies around the world, and have created great social and economic benefits. The reporter learned from interview that although Mr. Zhihui Li currently enjoys a high reputation in the field of international aviation technology, Zhihui Li still spends more than 10 hours a day on the front line of aviation to conduct scientific research. In his view, the progress and development of the aviation inspection and maintenance industry is an important foundation for the development of international aviation health and safety. For this beloved cause and also for the lofty goal in his heart, Zhihui Li has been working hard, sticking to it, and struggling for it.

Responsibility has always been a heavy burden. Only when you dare to carry it can you meet the task. This is the case with Zhihui Li, who “loves to carry a burden, and does not complain that it is too heavy”. He used continuous struggle to perfectly explain this sentence. As an outstanding representative of the international aviation maintenance industry, every achievement of Zhihui Li is based on years of rich front-line work experience and research. Therefore, his multiple scientific and technological achievements can always solve the industry’s pain points well. Take “Knowledge Mining Method for IETM General Aircraft’s Fault Maintenance Record Text” developed by Zhihui Li as an example. In order to solve the problems of facing complex and changeable environment, low human processing efficiency, error-proneness, and untimely recorded information, Zhihui Li uses intelligent IETM technology to mine, analyze and process the text data of the fault maintenance records, which greatly improves the efficiency of text data processing and reduces the difficulty of aircraft maintenance while ensuring the accuracy of maintenance data.

With the continuous promotion of human-computer interaction technology, big data technology, virtual reality technology and other technologies, the traditional IETM (Interaction Electronic Technical Manuel) can no longer meet the needs of equipment failure maintenance and support. In response to this outstanding problem in the field of aviation inspection and maintenance, Zhihui Li once again introduced the concept of “intelligent IETM”. Intelligent IETM should have the thinking logic of automatic learning, correct analysis and judgment ability, in which knowledge is an indispensable element. Text knowledge mining is to extract effective knowledge data from equipment operating status information data containing a lot of noise to complete the acquisition of fault diagnosis knowledge. Knowledge acquisition is the core of the entire intelligent ITEM fault maintenance auxiliary system, and it is also the key and difficult point. Solving the problem of difficult knowledge acquisition facilitates the establishment of an auxiliary knowledge base for intelligent ITEM fault maintenance. The “Knowledge Mining Method for IETM General Aircraft’s Fault Maintenance Record Text” proposed by Zhihui Li mainly uses the LDA topic model to extract the features of the term document matrix to obtain the label feature matrix and provide the classification label of the fault maintenance record text. It quickly classifies the text of equipment failure maintenance records, and the classification results are accurate. In addition, it replaces the pooling layer in the convolutional neural network with a recurrent layer. The convolutional layer in the convolutional neural network has the advantage of sharing weights, and the cyclic layer has the advantage of solving the problem of long-term dependence of text, providing sufficient knowledge data for the fault maintenance auxiliary system in the intelligent IETM platform.

For more than ten years, Zhihui Li has always adhered to the front line of aviation inspection and maintenance, interpreting the responsibilities of aviation engineer with seriousness and rigor, and moving every industry person with his original research intentions, treating every research and development process with sincerity and responsibility. Nowadays, many of his thoughtful reports and repeated tedious experiments are expressions of writing about his concentration and perseverance in scientific research. Enthusiastic in the research of aviation inspection and maintenance technology, pursuing perfection and striving for perfection, looking back on the journey along the way, Zhihui Li used his perseverance to fulfill his original aspiration for scientific research and his love for the aviation industry.

Reporter: Xinyi Zhang

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