I’ll Pray for You: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Surviving Domestic Violence

November 12 23:12 2020
I’ll Pray for You: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Surviving Domestic Violence

Depressed? I couldn’t possibly be “depressed.” I had been taught the Bible in church. I was raised to believe that depression is a sin and the result of not trusting enough in God to take care of my life. But how could I conceivably trust a God who would let me be hurt so deeply? I now doubted everything I had ever heard about or read in the Bible.
Going through domestic abuse especially in the hands of a loved one or a trusted partner tends to leave a huge scar of insecurity and trust issues in a victim’s life. After the author, Donna Wayles went through domestic abuse first hand, she has put her experience together to encourage others who have been victims of domestic abuse of any form be it physical, emotional, economic or psychological.

In I’ll Pray for You, Donna Wayles talks about how God can restore people in their broken and despair states and bring something even more beautiful out of them. Whenever God restores, He gives people something which is always better and even more amazing than what they seemingly lost earlier. After Donna lost her relationship with her ex-husband and even got betrayed by her local church, she meets another wonderful man who loves her and she was blessed to be able to love him back amidst all she’s been through and continues to enjoy her relationship with God.

Donna’s book, I’ll Pray for You, has just been released by Kharis Publishing, imprint of Kharis Media LLC, and is now available wherever books are sold, and may be purchased directly from amazon or authorclearance.

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Kharis Publishing, an imprint of Kharis Media LLC, is an independent book publisher focused on inspirational and faith-based books. Kharis’ dual mission is to give voice to underrepresented writers, and equip orphans in developing countries with literacy tools. That is why, for each book sold, the publisher channels some of the proceeds into providing books and computers for orphanages in developing countries, so these kids may learn to read, dream, and grow.

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