Pop Artist Francis Tural Has Released His New Single

November 13 07:42 2020
Pop Artist Francis Tural Has Released His New Single

London, UK – Francis Tural, a London-based pop artist, has released his hit new single “Plastic Bag.” Coming to audiences worldwide on November 6, 2020, “Plastic Bag” is an empowering song and lyrical track that proves to be a real ode to our Earth and a clear call to change. Garnering critical acclaim for its powerful messaging and conceptual motto, “Plastic Bag” is expected to quickly climb the charts worldwide.

Tural’s latest hit, “Plastic Bag” embraces the themes of oppression and self-annihilation of freedom, as developed around a conceptual understanding of an everyday item – a plastic bag. In this passionate work, Tural invites listeners to “cut that plastic bag,” an allegory of everything that haunts them as individuals, to free themselves from suffocation each day on the path to success.

From a relatively individual scheme, the song introduces the importance of climate change, a universal topic that affects us all. As plastic is one of the leading causes of this dangerous global phenomenon, the song similarly serves as a motto for the climate and environmental movements around the world that chant for freedom as everyone looks to free themselves from bondage and achieve a new light.

“This song has never been more important,” remarked Francis Tural. “Each day, we continue to leave a negative imprint on the environment and struggle to free ourselves from the thoughts, ideas, and elements of society that constrain us. ‘Plastic Bag’ is an empowering and uplifting piece that encourages all to find a new way forward.”

Listen to “Plastic Bag” today and purchase the single to support Francis Tural. To learn more, please visit FrancisTural.com. Other singles by Tural are also available.

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