PCS Revenue Cycle Management Recommends Outsourcing Medical Billing to Save on Time and Costs

November 20 07:33 2020
Doctors in private practice are leaving more than a quarter of their revenue on the table from poor medical billing inefficiencies.

Running a private practice can involve a lot of work, especially for very busy healthcare organizations. The paperwork that needs to be done for billing and claims are not just tedious, but they also require accurate processing. As a result, medical billing can take away hours that can be spent with patients. PCS Revenue Cycle Management recommends outsourcing medical billing to save time and effort, as well as maximize reimbursements.

PCS Revenue Cycle Management is a company that offers full medical billing services. They specialize in behavioral health and addiction center billing, including billing for substance abuse and psychiatric residential treatment centers; and developmental, behavioral, psychological, and neuropsychological testing. They also do billings for various types of psychotherapy services. PCS Revenue Cycle Management also provides nationwide billing service for all specialties.

Outsourcing medical billing saves the practice the costs of salaries and benefits for those who would do in-house billing. It also saves money that otherwise would be spent on computers, billing softwares and systems.

As billing services have the resources and manpower to process claims efficiently, private practices who outsource billing are able to collect payments in significantly less time. It also saves the practice from going back and forth on claims due to inaccuracies or incorrect filing.

According to PCS Revenue Cycle Management, 95% of claims are paid the first time; denial rate is reduced to 5% or lower; and claim rejection rate less than 2% when billing is outsourced.

Aside from saving time, effort, and money, having the billing outsourced allows practices to focus on patient service. It allows front office staff to provide not just better customer service to patients, but also increase productivity in their other duties. Doctors can have more time to focus on the patients’ needs, without worrying about the practices’ finances.

With over 15 years of working with medical practices, PCS Revenue Cycle Management offers cost-effective medical billing, credentialing, and consulting. Their medical billing package includes billing and collections for all services, as well as follow up and denial management on denied or rejected claims.

They also provide revenue cycle assessments; and weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports which allows the practice to monitor their progress and the overall growth of their facility.

PCS Revenue Cycle Management’s medical billing service comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Clients can cancel within 60 days without incurring a termination fee, if they are not happy with the service.

For more information on PCS Revenue Cycle Management’s services, visit https://www.pcsrcm.com.

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PCS Revenue Cycle Management is a Texas-based company that provides nationwide billing service for all specialties. They specialize in behavioral health and addiction center billing, including billing for substance abuse and psychiatric residential treatment centers.

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