Pureloan.com releases powerful interactive charting for mortgage loan comparison

December 22 03:10 2020

Palo Alto, CA, USA – Pureloan.com provides borrowers with loan officer-grade mortgage search results from hundreds of lenders nationwide. Pureloan helps borrowers compare mortgage rates based on individual criteria and provides the data in an interactive chart that allows them to see historical rate comparisons through the years and by lender using the nationwide average as reference.

Image Caption: Pureloan.com Interactive Mortgage Trends and Forecasts – Interest Rates by Bank

Pureloan’s interactive mortgage trends and forecasts analysis not only provides insight regarding loan types and average interest rates for a borrower’s qualifying criteria, but it also narrows down a borrower’s ‘best option’ based on the criteria provided. Borrowers receive information regarding which lender originates the most loans at the best rates to borrowers with similar circumstances. Pureloan then breaks down the interest savings by percentage and overall savings over the loan’s term.

Pureloan’s interactive chart also has a ‘Popularity by Bank’ feature. Borrowers that prefer to ‘go with the masses’ like knowing about banks that typically approve borrowers with similar circumstances. Using the Popularity by Bank chart, borrowers can see which lenders are most likely to have a loan program given their situation.

The features Pureloan offers are completely different from the standard loan comparison tools available today. At most, other sites compare mortgage terms and interest rates, letting borrowers see the difference in the monthly payments and possibly the total loan cost. Pureloan breaks it down for borrowers to see in a much more detailed way which loan is right based on the lender options, lifetime savings, monthly savings, and interest rate.

Pureloan believes that an informed borrower is a powerful borrower. In today’s day of technological advances where anyone can shop for the cheapest prices for just about any product or service, mortgages should be at the top of that list. A person’s mortgage is the largest investment of their lifetime, and saving as much money as possible is important for financial stability.  Try searching for a mortgage in Seattle, WA or a refinancing in Philadelphia, PA today!

Pureloan.com was founded by Stanford graduates who saw a need for something greater in the mortgage industry, making borrowers informed and educated for one of the largest purchases of their lifetime. Pureloan is the first of its type, helping borrowers get aggregate results from lenders nationwide all in one place for easy comparing. 

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