Meat America: a guide to explore crowd-pleasing, media recipes in restaurants across America

January 20 18:30 2021
Meat America is a travel-based cooking show by Red Meat Lover where people can explore methods and recipes for cooking meat in restaurants across America.

Saint Charles, MO, United States – Red Meat Lover is a website that was created to provide simple recipes, using common ingredients found in most kitchens, using a variety of cooking methods. Their model of “cooking meat, made easy” reflects their belief that there are many right ways to cook and prepare meats and they don’t have to be complicated to be tasty.

There are times when questions about meat can be a little overwhelming, especially when someone is trying something new. People tend to find themselves in a frenzy when they visit the market or the butcher and wonder how one cut of meat varies from the other or how a sirloin steak is different from a flank steak. Other than this, there are other queries regarding what is the best way to cook a particular type of meat, in terms of cut, level of heat, smoking, grilling, basting, braising, etc.

This is where Red Meat Lover comes in so that people can explore these tasty questions about cooking all the meat and make cooking an easier process for themselves. Meat America is a cooking show where viewers can explore methods and recipes for cooking meat in restaurants across America. Each episode showcases experts on their location, and in their restaurant kitchens in order to educate, inspire, and entertain the viewers.

This travel cooking show allows viewers to learn and explore how different American food is prepped and cooked in restaurants in different parts of America. Each episode talks about mouthwatering dishes such as wings and smash burgers from Saint Lewis Missouri, Whiskey and Coke braised short ribs, or dry-aged steaks from Wichita Kansas. Viewers can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and podcast to stay in touch as well as get notified when each episode is launched. Meat America is a great resource for people who do not have experience in cooking meat but have always wanted to give it a try. Not only can it help amateurs learn how to handle meat but also help in broadening the horizon for those who have the skill but lacked the motivation to experiment further.

About the company:

The idea behind Red Meat Lover was born in 2007 in between a bunch of friends gathered around the grill to dream of a taster tomorrow. I don’t particular time, not many online resources for preparing cooking meat were available hence the initiative to create meet America was taken. The goal was to have a one-stop resource for cooking tasty meat and many delicious forms. The website launched for The first time in 2007 and kept fluctuating due to various factors and obstacles till its latest launch in May 2015 and has been going strong ever since.

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