The best-selling book that explains 2020 in 26 different ways

January 21 11:33 2021
It’s real, raw and candid.

There has been such great feedback about the book Lessons from Covid 19, 2020: 26 stories one pandemic since the pre-launch feature in December 2020. Now fully launched, the book has been described as real, raw and candid. It covers the fears, frustrations, aspirations, hurt, hope and lessons of a collaborative group of men and women from all over the world.

Why is this book monumental? It’s not just the fact that the book is among some of the most phenomenal titles in the Library of Congress. No! It’s not because the authors have been featured on some of the most notable media platforms, such as iHeart radio, BOLD TV, HeartCity radio, the NOW Network, Multiple Streams Magazine, Sheen Magazine, Fox News and the Dee Sharpe Thoughts podcast (Canada), in fact, the specificity here is that, 26 authors became a part of a 5 percent club. According to writer Joseph Epstein, “90 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them — and should write it” however, only 5% of them actually write a book. Though many people have the desire to write and publish their books, it’s no secret that 2020 was a unique year globally that would have seen an even greater decline of this number. While most people were busy and concerned with making it out of 2020 healthy and alive, 26 people were on the cusp of hitting the coveted status of best-seller authors.

Any publisher will tell you that a book is the best business card and a pile of proof in the world for experts, but when publisher, Dr. Joan Wright-Good, CEO of JWG Publishing House thought of her company’s next publishing project, she had more than business cards and entrepreneurial proof in mind. The Businesswoman and publisher successfully brought together a group of professionals, from different parts of the world to contribute to one historical project – the narration of 2020 from 26 point of views. Since the soft launch, the book has been a source of exponential healing and inspiration.

Lessons from Covid 19, 2020: 26 stories one pandemic is written by Authors, Dei Tatum (Ministry & Military), Marva Bozeman (College Professor), Sharon Patterson-Capek (Design Architect), Petula Barclay (Banker), Stacey Emerson (Stylist & Boutique CEO), Sonia White (Frontline Nurse), Rosetta Hutchinson (Entrepreneur), Tameka Echols (Ministry & Speaker), James Steward (Pastor & Medical counsel), Sunita White (Coach & Boutique CEO), Sharon Bett (Hair CEO & Dance Coach), Diana Sharpe (Academic Advisor & Entrepreneur), Robert Marshall (4 time Author & Entrepreneur), Shedly Casseus- Parnther (Scholarship Advisor & Entrepreneur), Nicole Small-Fletcher (Ministry & Entrepreneur), Keesha Barreau (Entrepreneur & Marketer), Cherolyn Davis (Speaker & Entrepreneur), Megan & Prince Aderele (Business Consultants, & Business Coaches), GraceAnn Long (Entrepreneur of multiple businesses), Lawanda Harris (Entrepreneur & Post Divorce Advocate), Que Johnson Entrepreneur & Brand Surgeon), Aldith Lowe (College Policy Manager), Punitha Rathnam (Medical Doctor), Carlene Wright (Entrepreneur & Speaker), Genevieve Carvil-Harris (Business Strategist) and, Mya Smith Edmonds (McDonald’s Franchise CEO & Philanthropist). The book became a bestseller on the day of release and stayed at the #1 spot in new releases for an entire week. It took a year of challenges to change the narrative for 26 families and thousands of readers alike.

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