Groove To The Dance Beats With Chicago House Music DJ J-Lektro, From EDM To House Music

January 21 17:27 2021

Chicago, USA – When it comes to dance beats, J-Lektro has it going on. One might find having more energy to dance or even do housework when putting on his music. Those who want home listening can go to and find a plethora of beats.

J-Lektro knows how to groove. His music ranges from EDM to House music. He is a Chicago House Music DJ. He has originals, mixes, and remixes. The mix demo is over 30 minutes long. It’s enough time to decide if this type of music is for you.

For those that prefer tunes that they recognize, he does remixes of those too. There is a mix of Doja Cat’s “Motivation” on his site. This song has a long build up, but it still puts the vocals in there. It’s a fast tempo rendition that you could expect to hear at Ibiza or a local rave. Additionally, there is a remix of a Fleetwood Mac song. This remix is even better than the Doja Cat one. It’s probably just because the song really suits this type of music. It feels organic and like the song was meant to be this way.

The originals have just as much quality as the mixes and the remixes. That’s why these originals such as “Happiness” represent the DJ coming out of one’s comfort zone. This is something that makes J-Lektro an up and comer in the industry.

J-Lektro grew up in the UK, so he has those influences as well. His track “Robotic Warriors” was featured on DJ’s Radio One Playlist (BBC) ‘Bedroom Bedlam’ segment when he was just 14 years old. This shows how much promise he demonstrated, even at a young age.

He has been all around Chicago sharing his beats. Pete Tong has supported J-Lektro on the journey. People have described his music as a hybrid of techno and house. He draws from inspiring artists such as Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles, Joe Smooth, and Todd Terry.

He has gotten acclaim for his talents as well. NPR featured him as one of the top five DJs to watch in Chicago in 2019. He plans to drop new music this year in 2021.

All in all, this is a DJ that could become globally recognized. He’s already known in the US and Britain. Sometimes people just need a nudge in the right direction to recognize talent. This is where J-Lektro comes in shining. This is fresh material and has a beat that is likable as well as loveable.

We can all add some new material to our playlists. This is one DJ that has something for people who just want to party.

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