Choreographer and Artistic Director Angel Kaba on Celebrating Cultures and Inspiring Artists

January 27 19:24 2021
Choreographer and Artistic Director Angel Kaba on Celebrating Cultures and Inspiring Artists

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted billions of individuals worldwide and debilitated all known industries. From the business realm to the arts, every entrepreneur, professional, practitioner, and aspirant had to contend with the physical limitations imposed by the pandemic as well as the mental and emotional drain it caused. For artists, in particular, creating content and living their passion in a time when inspiration was at an all-time low proved challenging. But, the show must go on, and powerhouses such as Angel Kaba barrelled through the difficulties in the hopes of inspiring others.

Angel Kaba is a dancer, choreographer, producer, and artistic director who stands at the helm of Afro’Dance New York. This multifaceted Afro-Caribbean talent has taken center stage for using her extensive repertoire of skills to celebrate diversity, communities, and global culture. Throughout her highly successful career, she has graced several platforms and performed for big brands, such as Coca-Cola, Nutella, Levi Strauss & co, Fructis by Garnier, MTV, NBC, Snapchat, and Universal.

Known as the creative with a business mind, Angel Kaba boasts an educational background in music theory and theater at Belgium’s Music Academy of Brussels and takes pride in having graduated with honors in Marketing from a business school in 2005. With her expertise and innate gift at the craft, she has made waves in the industry both as a dancer and, most especially, as an artistic creator and director.

This widely acclaimed choreographer, who has also been featured in European media as a host, actress, and model, is credited for the dance techniques called “Ka’frican.” Seamlessly blending hip-hop and Afro Urban dance styles, Ka’frican explores different levels of groundedness while keeping a strong focus on rhythm and musicality.

At the heart of every choreography by this passion-fueled personality is the mission of helping people understand the culture from where African dances come from. Fully cognizant of the widespread propensity to popularize African moves while failing to give credit where it is due, Angel Kaba wants to bring value and the spotlight over to their origins.

On top of birthing purpose-driven choreographies, Angel Kaba is also involved in upping other artists’ games by producing exclusive video content for their promotional film, commercial, and more. As an international artistic director, she capitalizes on her fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry to bring stories to life through beautiful, professional, and efficient visuals.

In the coming years, Angel Kaba plans to cement her reputation even further by consulting for major companies that are in need of her expertise. Additionally, she is setting her sights on showcasing her prowess on Broadway as a director and choreographer, all the while serving as a source of inspiration to aspirants. As she carves her own path to the summit, she aims to empower others into pursuing their goals, sending across an important message of hope and showing the realities behind achieving success as an immigrant trying to make it in America.

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