Pedata RV Center expanding inventory, buying used RVs with fast cash

February 12 23:42 2021
Pedata RV Center is buying used RVs and motorhomes with the assurance of fast cash and comprehensive support through Sell My RV today.

Tucson, AZ – February 12, 2021 – Leading RV dealer Pedata RV Center is offering top cash on used RVs with the guarantee of certified funds. The company is looking forward to expanding its inventory of used RVs and has announced to go on a massive used RV purchase spree this month. The used RVs will be bought by Pedata’s RV buying unit Sell My RV Today with fast cash.

The company will buy any used RV or motorhome that was manufactured in 2004 or later. 

“We are currently on an inventory expansion spree and hence all set to purchase used RVs in large numbers. We have been observing a huge demand for pre-owned RVs of late and it’s about time we try to make the most of the business opportunity lying around in the current market scenario. We will purchase any kind of RV or motorhome (2004 or up), irrespective of your location in the country and that too with the assurance of top dollars. We also assure you of a super-fast transaction in cash and you will get the fund delivered to you in no more than 3 days”, stated a leading spokesperson from Pedata RV Center. 

“We have been in the used RV buying and selling business for around 2 decades now. Over the years, we have built up a vast buyer network as well as sound financial capacity which enable us to sell off your RV in almost no time and also pay you in top dollars real fast.”

Per the statements of the spokesperson, Sell My RV Today is equipped with unbiased and experienced appraisers who help to determine the most suitable value for used RVs to ensure the seller gets the most deserving price. The appraisers will assess and evaluate all the major parameters of the vehicle and set the price based on market demand, age as well as current condition of the RV. 

Sell My RV Today offers a comprehensive service to all used RV owners who register to sell their coaches to the company. From title work to bank payoff, the company handles all those technicalities on behalf of the clients. 

“Count on us as your absolute platform when you are looking forward to selling your used RV for some good and fast cash. We not only assure top dollars but also extensive support with all major paperwork related to the sell and purchase of your used RV. We do understand that selling a RV could be an elaborate affair given the number of paperwork hassles. But, with us, you won’t have to worry about all such hassles. Whether you need help with bank payoff or title work, we will shoulder all the tasks for you. Once you register with us you are all set.” 

Sell My RV Today also offers RV pickup service from the client’s preferred location. 

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