Breakout Movie, The Alien Report, Releasing As U.S. Pentagon Scrambles To Understand Real Alien Phenomena

June 02 20:03 2021

CHICAGO – June 02, 2021 – If you’ve been following the news this month, the United States Pentagon has confirmed strange, U.F.O. activity in our skies.  Congress has demanded all government related U.F.O. documents be handed over mid-June, 2021.  For anyone wondering if this is fact or fiction, it’s fact., a new startup film company, is releasing a bombshell alien phenomena movie based on accounts of alien encounters. The Alien Report is narrated by a troubled, deaf teenager who’s been filming his own alien experiences with a tiny, hidden micro camera embedded in his cochlear implant.  For anyone wondering if The Alien Report is based on fact or fiction, it’s based on what alien ‘experiencers’ have been describing for decades. U.F.O. Researcher and Author Nomar Slevik wrote, “The Alien Report is beautiful, haunting and scary.”

“The Alien Report is an immersive experience, designed to bring the viewer on an alien encounter, says Michael Sell, Partner at Earths Dreamland.  He warns, “it’s not a slick Hollywood production like Contact or Arrival, this is a realistic looking, hand-held journey down the rabbit-hole of the alien phenomena into an uncharted realm of alien disclosure.”

A pre-release of The Alien Report is being tested and available now at, until it’s released broadly late this summer, beginning with a sneak peek tour at select drive-ins throughout the United States.

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