Pay attention to the following three points when using the starter motor

August 31 21:30 2021

It is installed on the engine by electric drive and used to start the motor of the diesel and gasoline engine.

The starting motor is generally composed of a transmission mechanism, a control mechanism (electromagnetic switch) and a DC motor. The working principle of the starter motor is to convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy, thereby driving the flywheel on the engine to rotate, thus realizing the starting of the engine.

The DC motor generates electromagnetic torque, which means that the DC motor is responsible for rotating work. The transmission mechanism engages the gear driven by the starter motor into the flywheel ring gear, transmits the torque on the starter motor DC motor to the engine flywheel, drives the engine crankshaft to rotate, and drives the engine components to cycle until the engine starts.

After the engine is started, the starter is automatically disengaged from the ring gear. The electromagnetic switch is responsible for connecting and cutting off the circuit between the DC motor and the battery.

Pay attention to the following three points when using the starter motor:

1. The time for starting the motor each time should not be too long, generally about 10 seconds is the best. The time interval between the two starts of the starter motor is about 1 minute, preferably more than one minute. If it fails to start three times in a row, check the engine, battery, circuit lines and connection points at this time.

2. For the starting motor without over-current protection device, if it fails to start three times in a row, the starting motor should be stopped at this time, because the starting current is too large, and the excessive current will cause the starting motor to overheat when working for a long time. If you continue to start the motor forcibly, the motor will most likely burn out.

3. After replacing the starter motor, pay attention to the contact points of the positive and negative lines. It is best to polish the contact points and install them firmly, otherwise it will cause the engine to heat up and the car will not start.


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