Yalish Diamonds Offer Custom Engagement Rings Using Highest Quality Diamond Alternatives

September 17 18:51 2021
Jewelry Company Provides Bespoke, Affordable, and Eco-friendly Engagement Rings Made With Finest Engineered Diamonds.

Affordable, sustainable, and custom-made for each fortunate couple – Yalish Diamond’s engagement rings feature the best quality diamond alternatives available in the market today.

Yalish Diamonds specializes in Moissanite, Swarovski gemstones, and Lab-Created diamonds. Being man-made and not mined, these gems possess the same exact chemistry and characteristics as natural diamonds but with a minimal carbon footprint.

In addition to being eco-friendly, Yalish Diamond’s jewelry items are proven top quality, registering ratings of ​D-grade in terms of color and VVS1 in clarity. Each created piece is carefully packaged in luxury ring boxes containing a certificate of authenticity and a smaller box that fits just right in the pocket, ready for the big unveiling moment.

As described by the team at Yalish Diamonds, their stones are “absolutely the finest engineered diamonds.”

The gems are carefully hand-cut and hand-polished by seasoned jewelers. The family-owned company has been mastering its craft through decades in the business, having operated for a span of four generations.

Today, Yalish Diamonds has paired up its people’s refined skills with state-of-the-art technology. Each engagement ring is created with impeccable precision featuring bespoke designs based on the preferences of the couple. The actual rings are all made with either solid gold or solid platinum and are accurately shaped to exact specifications.

Affordability is another key feature of Yalish Diamonds’ engagement rings. As a direct seller and manufacturer, the company offers its products at wholesale prices for the benefit of customers.

More information about Yalish Diamonds can be found at https://yalishdiamonds.com/.

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