Derm Dude™ Crashes Men’s Grooming Market.

October 11 22:15 2021

US company Derm Dude™ launches and laughs headfirst into the men’s grooming category with power-packed at-home products for beards, skin, tattoos and hygiene. With irreverent tag lines such as ‘Touching Yourself Just Got Better™’ and a body wash line that declares ‘Life is Full of A$$holes. Don’t Smell Like One™’, Derm Dude™ speaks with an authentic, no B.S. tone to a male audience that has historically been ignored and underserved in many core areas of the personal care space.

“Derm Dude was born out of necessity,” says Drew Plotkin, Derm Dude’s Chief Dude Officer, who appears in brand ads wearing a life size condom to promote tattoo ‘protection’ skincare. “Men’s skin, on average, is 20-25% thicker than female skin. Our skin also tends to be much rougher in texture and is often more likely to show deeper wrinkles and larger bags under our eyes. But I couldn’t find effective products made for ‘real guys’ like me, a 50-year-old guy, covered in tattoos with a full beard and bags under my eyes. So that’s how the Derm Dude™ journey began.”

Plotkin and his team are no strangers to the industry. “Our Derm Dude™ senior team has decades of experience with top personal care brands grossing over 1 billion in sales. With Derm Dude™, we finally had the freedom to toss the ‘marketing fluff’ out the window once and for all. And to laugh our asses off along the way.” He adds, “Men compromise every time we put down the toilet seat. But Derm Dude™ never compromises when it comes to our products and customers. I’m more than happy making less profit per individual sale if that means I can deliver better products and results for customers who will get the results they want and purchase over and over.”

Derm Dude’s current personal care line includes a bestselling all-natural tattoo balm for aftercare and instant brightening, an all-natural beard oil and beard balm to shape, hydrate and promote a fuller, thicker-looking beard, plus a fast-acting wrinkle reducer—unsurprisingly called ‘Quickie’—that can make under-eye bags and wrinkles seem to vanish in about 5 minutes. They also have a newly launched a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash offered in a wide range of scents that Plotkin says, “Turns every shower into happy hour.” “New product line extensions are already in development and include some very disruptive and exciting products we are eager to introduce to our Derm Dude™ tribe”, says Plotkin.

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About Derm Dude™

Derm Dude™ is a disruptor in the men’s personal grooming industry. They provide helpful information and product offerings so men can make informed choices about looking and feeling their very best. Derm Dude’s marketing and communication style is refreshing, irreverent, and downright hysterical.

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