Motivational Speaker Nick Pash Talks About Life Without Filter

November 26 07:45 2021
This inspirational life coach encourages people to be open and accepting of their feelings and emotions through his platform.

Experiencing both positive and negative feelings is part of life. No one can experience just happiness all his/her life without experiencing sadness, or vice versa. It is also impossible to appreciate the positive without the negative.

But no matter how true this is, not everyone is comfortable with showing what they truly feel. Some people find being honest about their feelings and emotions difficult for different reasons, so they settle with pretending or keeping it to themselves, which may not always be a good thing.

To help others overcome the challenge of being honest about emotions and feelings, motivational speaker Nick Pash talks about life without filter on his various platforms to encourage people to be true about themselves. Nick Pash is an inspirational love and life coach who wants to show everyone that being honest with their feelings and emotions may not be the norm for everyone, it is very healthy for a person’s mental and emotional well-being.

Nick Pash was raised in London and based in Dubai for the last eight years. Coming from a region where men rarely speak about their feelings, Nick wanted to break this so-called norm.

He thought of different ways on how to get his message across the globe. Eventually, he got into life coaching and now uses his social media platforms to reach a wider audience. His goal is to help people—men in particular—become more open and accepting of their emotions. Today, his Instagram account (@pash.talks) has over 130,000 followers. He posts about his inspirational thoughts, aiming to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. He is also working on his website, which he will launch soon, where Nick can coach clients virtually. His website aims to further reach parts of the Middle East and spread his message of being open and accepting of one’s feelings and emotions and living an unfiltered life.

A quote from one of Nick’s Instagram posts says, “Be the love in the midst of hate. Be the smile in the sea of tears. Be the light in the cloud of darkness. Be the cure to the deepest pain. Be the truth in the whisper of lies. Be the hope in a crowd of doubt.” This is exactly what Nick is doing right now—being the positive amidst the negative things around him. His passion for inspiring others to talk about their lives as is, without filtering the details, has taken him where he is today—continually empowering people to be more accepting of who they are and what they feel.

Nick’s commitment to breaking the norm can be felt and seen through his motivational speeches. His thoughts and ideas inspired many to overcome their fear of getting reactions from others whenever they express themselves. Nick hopes that his message will reach a wider audience once his website is launched and when things are back to how they were pre-pandemic.

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About Nick Pash

Nick Pash is a motivational speaker, love and life coach who is committed to empowering others to be more accepting and open about their feelings and emotions. He uses his social media platforms to get to his audience and hopes to inspire more people to talk about their lives without filter.

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