Sociopreneur, Maya Miranda Ambarsari Presents a Business Information and Authentic Data Platform for Global Markets.

December 02 07:57 2021
Sociopreneur, Maya Miranda Ambarsari Presents a Business Information and Authentic Data Platform for Global Markets.

Maya Miranda Ambarsari, as the President Commissioner of PT.Teknologi Cakra Internasional, who is also a sociopreneur and successful entrepreneur in several business fields such as e-commerce, shipping, and mining, has expanded her business into IT Business Service company. She is the founder of InterconnectDATA,  a business information and authentic data platform for Asia and global market under the corporation of PT. Technology Cakra Internasional. On this December, the InterconnectDATA will be launched as a platform that provides detailed various business information and data authentic which every companies, investors, startups, and professionals can use for their business. She believes that the platform will be able to compete in the global market, and through this smart platform, every user on a global scale can obtain accurate and relevant data and information for their business needs and interests.

InterconnectDATA has been integrated with several trusted international partners such as: Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), S&P Global as an American-based company experts in providing Artificial Intelligence in real-world applications, and Statista as a Germany-based data provider company that specializes in market and consumer data, statistics data and statistics portals in the world. 

The platform is ready to provide a global overview of various facts and topics, providing the latest market figures and consumer goods predictions for more than 200 markets. The various types of data available on the platform are strengthened by more than 1 million statistical data on more than 80 thousand topics and more than 22,500 sources from 170 more industries with different backgrounds.

The types of data provided include data for investment analysis needs, portfolio valuation, risk management and quantitative analysis. Added with various data from industry experts, analysis and market insights, which include insights about companies, target markets, data, research, credit ratings, benchmarks, solutions that governments, companies and individuals can rely on to make business decisions with confidence.

In addition, it also presents several ideal features that help companies, investors, startups, and professionals to analyze and determine business opportunities, identify and capture opportunities in various industries, generate business growth for startups, as well as turn on the transparency of the fast-moving global market full of dynamics.

Every user of this smart business information platform will be able to make the best decisions according to their preferences, because this platform provides authentic data and information that includes relevant recommendations, insights, business trends and market insights.

The existence of a live chat menu will also provide access for users to submit questions, criticisms and suggestions regarding the smart platform they are using. This feature is presented so that we can always improve the quality of our applications in the future.

“It’s a new digital business information breakthrough that is believed to be able to compete with the global market, especially those engaged in the information and data analytics business. The digital age has completely transformed the way that most business conduct operations, to keep company ahead of the competition, now it’s the time to explore the importance of data in global market,” said Rany Fardiany CEO of PT Teknologi Cakra Internasional and co-founder of InterconnectDATA.

Through InterconnecDATA, each user’s market segment will be able to find out more authentic information, relevant market insights, and the latest business trends, thereby encouraging users to achieve goals according to their interests and business needs, effectively with using this application.

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