Breaking Down the Reasons Why Lionel Messi Won the 2021 Ballon d’Or

December 02 16:24 2021

Lionel Messi, the Argentinian football superstar, bagged his seventh Ballon d’Or last November 29. Messi now holds the most wins of this prestigious award.

Having a roller-coaster ride career the previous year, Messi proved that he’s still the greatest active footballer, considering that the other contenders for this award are the most competitive and toughest footballers to date. With Robert Lewandowski and Jorge “Jorginho” Filho making it to the cut, fans thought that either of the two would win the Ballon d’Or.

Majority of the football patrons anticipated a Lewandowski win as he won the Striker of the Year award for both club and country. Others also thought that Jorginho might get the golden ball as he was the focal point of Chelsea which was named as the inaugural Club of the Year.

Ballon d’Or is not a very technical and analytical type of award. Truth be told, this prestigious award is given to a footballer who has made the greatest impact to himself as an athlete, his teams, and to the sport in general.

Football journalists and the coaches and captains of national teams have voted on who they think deserves the award. Then, the player who has the most number of votes gets the golden ball.

With the on-going debate on who should’ve won the 2021 Ballon d’Or, we’ve made a list on why the debacle should stop as Messi is the clear winner of this award.

  1. Messi was a pivotal force during Argentina’s Copa America campaign

International matches are significant when it comes to a footballer’s career. Like any other individual awards, the Ballon d’Or recognizes that being a great athlete means that one can also carry global tournaments where the pressure seems higher.

Argentina’s win in Copa America this year is very sentimental because it’s their first championship trophy in almost three decades. Messi played an important role during Argentina’s Copa America run as he scored the most goals and won the Best Player award.

  1. Messi left his former club, Barcelona, in a winning fashion

Messi is considered as the best footballer to have ever worn the Blaugrana colors. For the past 16 seasons with Barcelona, he has made 648 goals and was featured in 752 games, making this team one of the most prominent football clubs ever.

Even before he left his first home, Messi made sure that he’ll secure the Copa Del Rey win, and he did so despite how Camp Nou left this superstar hanging on a thread. 

The Copa Del Rey trophy is now the last silverware that Messi will ever bring for Barcelona as he’s now in France for his Paris Saint Germain (PSG) stint.

  1. Messi’s fast adjustment on his new club

Fans were stunned when Messi was first seen in a PSG uniform. From then on, the football world embraced that it was the start of a new era. 

Messi commenced a steady stint in PSG, which was actually quite good. But since this is Messi we’re talking about, ‘steady’ shouldn’t be part of his vocabulary. But after a series of matches, this Argentinian proved that he can gel with the team easily.

His several clutch moments in the UEFA Champions League are so entertaining to watch, that even his doubters would be amazed. And to think that it’s just his freshman year in PSG, it’s very exciting what this great footballer can offer to the Parisians.

Truly, Lionel Messi isn’t past his prime. With a new club, he’s determined to show what he can do to the future generations of footballers and football fans. With all this, he has already earned a spot as the greatest football player of all time.

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