Endy Zhou’s Solar101: The Growth-Oriented Authority in the Clean Energy Industry

January 13 21:58 2022
Endy Zhou’s Solar101: The Growth-Oriented Authority in the Clean Energy Industry

Today’s younger generation have a very different attitude towards changes to the world. They are well-versed in global issues and have their finger on the pulse of the social, economic, and political landscapes; they understand the gaps that need to be bridged in order to raise everyone’s quality of life. Along with their ability to wield the power of digital technology and commitment to making a difference, their eagerness to learn and thirst for knowledge has allowed them to impact communities and the lives of others positively. Among the young pioneers who are currently driving change is somebody who is devotedly passionate about what he does—the mastermind behind Solar101, Endy Zhou.

Solar101 is a mission-driven solar sales company under Endymion Consulting, an international company dedicated to providing top of the industry solutions in sales and marketing solutions owned by Endy himself. Initially, Solar101 started as a project designed to bring to the table a unique, consultative approach to solar sales and installation, but, under the guidance of its passion-fueled and passionately growth oriented founder, it has transformed into a budding power player in the clean energy space.

The reputation that Solar101 has quickly managed to cement after its establishment and the extent to which it has delivered tailored solar packages for homeowners is not surprising, considering the caliber of Endy Zhou. The well-respected entrepreneur, who is known for his innovative strategies, takes an all-out approach towards this project. Within months of the launch of Solar 101, Endy has already impressed thousands of customers as well as peers in the industry with his grit and determination to succeed.

Currently, Solar101 stands as a go-to authority in solar installation, one that walks the customers through a worry-free process of going solar. “From start to finish, we are right there with the customer,” shared Endy Zhou. “From going over the bill, designing the system, obtaining city and utility permits to system installation and inspection, we work closely on and monitor the entire scope of the project for the customer.” 

Solar101 jump starts the process of going solar by performing a free usage analysis for clients, a move that is necessary for creating a customized solar package for homeowners. It’s highly competent team then crafts a system based on the home’s spending and all the incentives available in their zip code. To ensure quality, the company works exclusively with installation teams that boast an exceptional installation track record and can provide a carefully curated selection of American-made solar panels.

Solar 101 also stands out in its approach to internal relations, growth, and advancement. Management in the company works closely with sales and focuses not just on work performance but overall growth of individuals with workshops and personal development. The company makes a practice of promoting exclusively from within, and works tirelessly to create innovation, maintain professionalism, and focus on fast advancement for its workers.

Since its launch, Solar101 has served not only homeowners who wish to go solar but has also become the home of  talented people who are no longer willing to lend their talents and expertise to ventures operating under archaic ways. From the get-go, it has given a platform for those who want their hard work valued and refuse to stay chained to a nine-to-five desk. Hardworking, ambitious people will find a home with Solar101, and those who want to use their skills instead of being stuck in a corporate ladder will definitely fit right in. Endy has made it very clear that Solar101 values attitude and drive over previous experiences, and welcomes everybody to be part of their mission.

Solar101 is relatively new to the game, but it’s already promising to rise through the ranks and secure a coveted spot at the forefront of the industry. In the years to come, it hopes to expand exponentially and widen its influence worldwide.

Learn more about Solar101 by visiting its website.

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