Timothy Firman’s Fair Use: A Schizophrenic Tale Aims to Shed Lights on Tales of Life with Schizophrenia

January 13 22:57 2022
Timothy Firman’s Fair Use: A Schizophrenic Tale Aims to Shed Lights on Tales of Life with Schizophrenia

Approximately 2.6 million adults aged 18 and older suffer from schizophrenia in the United States alone. Out of the statistics, a staggering 40 percent are left untreated with professional help in any given year. Knowing how important it is to shed light on what it is like to be schizophrenic, Timothy Firman self-published the fourth book of his autobiography entitled Fair Use: A Schizophrenic Tale.

Schizophrenia is defined as a chronic and severe neurological brain disorder. Around 1.1 percent of the entire United States population has been diagnosed with the condition. Yet it is rarely discussed or amplified. The prevalence of schizophrenia may not be as high as other brain disorders, but it is a cause for worry when the chronic illness stays in silence. Author and artist Timothy Firman aims to open conversations around schizophrenia and hopes to encourage others to also come out into the light with their genuine stories on how they lived with the disorder. 

Timothy Firman had difficulty finding the right partners to publish his work, but he never lost hope. Instead of waiting for the right publisher, the author decided to self-publish Fair Use: A Schizophrenic Tale through Amazon. The book contains a compilation of narratives gathered by the author through various Facebook pages that empowers people with schizophrenia to share their story. Together with his co-author, Abel Timothy Persall, Timothy Firman was able to weave a comprehensive material that puts life with schizophrenia in great detail. By bravely sharing his experiences, the author can present the truth about schizophrenia without reservations, pretensions, or filters—just pure truth.

In the book, it was revealed that Abel Timothy Persall is his birth name. This reveals a much more personal narrative to Timothy as he narrates he was adopted. His book, TripAmillion Trip2seE: The Childhood, takes you to the story of his adoption.

Timothy Firman shared a quote from Fair Use: A Schizophrenic Tale: “Self-soothing through mental divergence. At the end of the day, these voices aren’t real. They are dominant of my imagination, protected through my eardrums from my vocal cords vibrating my ear. My thoughts in many vocal tones subjugated and compartmentalized. The end is the beginning as that PHAT lady sings!”

Before publishing Fair Use: A Schizophrenic Tale, Timothy Firman led a meaningful career. His interest and passion for music inspired him through the years until he attended the Manchester School of Technology TV Production Program, where he had the opportunity to interview prominent personalities, including Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Mpho Tutu, and more. Later on, he attended the College for TV and Radio Production in Boston, MA. During college as an intern, Timothy Firman worked on writing, producing, editing, and did camera work for Rolling Rock Commercials. While he was navigating the world, producing music, he journaled his experiences down to the tiniest details. Timothy has autism and schizophrenia, and by writing down what his life has been like, he aims to inspire the world. 

In five years, Timothy Firman envisions Fair Use: A Schizophrenic Tale being transformed from a book into a movie. The author believes that telling the tales using a different medium will help their cause reach more people not only in the United States but across the globe. Timothy Firman himself shared his own trials and tribulations through his book. By amplifying his voice, he wants to spark millions of people worldwide to bring their stories to the forefront and, together, end the stigma on schizophrenia. 

You can visit this website to learn more about Timothy Firman and his book.

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