Walter Morales Scholarship for Urban Education Improvement: Combating Issues with Disparity for Inner City Schools

January 14 16:54 2022
Walter Morales Scholarship for Urban Education Improvement: Combating Issues with Disparity for Inner City Schools

Walter Morales
The Baton Rouge Educator Walter Morales Gives Back to Students and Fights to Improve Urban Schools

Disparity between inner city students has toned down over the years but hasn’t been completely eradicated. Even in the modern American education system, issues and cases of disparity happen with little to no sign of improvement, but Water Morales Baton Rouge Educator aims to bring awareness to these issues to help improve the urban education system in America through a scholarship program of $5,000 on education costs.

Education is a basic necessity that everyone can have access to, however high-quality education is a privilege that not all students can afford. Additionally, higher education such as the ones offered in university is something not all can enjoy. Life becomes tough when you are someone with a minimal source of income which makes getting an education more of a burden than a privilege. This is only supplemented by some programs being exclusive to students/families of a certain ethnicity or background making it much difficult for other students to earn a scholarship.

Walter Morales is passionate on combatting this and improving the education systems of America. He is an educator, entrepreneur who has found success in his career. Walter is a retired Professor of Finance at LSU and is currently running a non-profit foundation named The Louisiana Achievement Charter Academies which comprise 3 different charter schools as part of his attempt to improve the urban education system and provide accessible education regardless of status or race.

Walter’s passion wanting to improve the urban education system comes from his background in finance and education. His passion to improve the urban education, particularly with issues surrounding racial disparity, comes from living his entire life in Baton Rouge and becoming in tune with the community becoming heavily involved with cases and problems involving racial disparity. He has already taken steps aside from his scholarship program and non-profit foundation to improve the education system in his local area such as volunteering on many different local non-profit organizations that aim to resolve these type of issues. Additionally, Walter is part of the board of several organizations around Baton Rouge and has become an integral part of each of them.

His scholarship program, The Walter Morales Scholarship for Urban Education Improvement, serves as a stepping stone in his path to improve the American education system. He hopes that his scholarship program can help alleviate financial struggles a student might face when trying to pursue the education of their choice.  Furthermore, he wishes that his scholarship program can help with his passion of nurturing and helping future leaders and learners regardless of their background, especially those in an urban setting. 

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