Introducing Chamblissnation, an urban apparel brand all set to launch nationwide on 14th January

January 14 21:45 2022
Introducing Chamblissnation, an urban apparel brand all set to launch nationwide on 14th January

Chamblissnation is an urban apparels brand that appeals to the Black American community. Founded in Florida by the Chambliss family in 2021, ‘Chamblissnation’ has already created a sensation in the Black American community and fashion enthusiasts, owing to its unique urban styles and a very special story behind the brand. The brand is launching its official website on January 14th.

Chamblissnation, a family-run clothing brand, was started by Willie C. Chambliss Jr., aka Boogee, who succumbed to Covid-19 in September 2021. His tragic death inspired other family members to continue the brand he had found and take it outside Florida to the whole nation, something that Boogee always aspired of. Boogee is survived by his wife and a little daughter, Bella.

“Our story is one of love, family, and belonging. Fifteen years ago, the Chambliss family was attending church service when Willie C. Chambliss Sr. casually referred to his significantly large family as the ‘Chambliss Nation’. Though their roots were in the small town of Gifford, Florida, many relatives were spread out around the world”, quoted Shirlonda Drummond, narrating the story behind Chamblissnation.

“From that day forward, people referred to us as ‘Chambliss Nation’. Though we were scattered internationally, we felt this name connected us somehow, regardless of the many miles between us. Our brother Boogee, recognized the weight the name carried and was inspired. He created a logo and t-shirts emblazoned with #Chamblissnation. He also recorded family events and posted them on social media”, continued the narrator.

“Boogee had big dreams.  He had aspired to take #Chamblissnation as we were locally known in Gifford, Florida to the NATION—making it a brand for all to take pride in.  He had the logo trademarked. He had a very successful videography business, Boogee12 films and he used every opportunity to showcase the pride in the #Chamblissnation. Since Boogee’s dreams were wrapped into his only daughter Bella, 11 years old, all proceeds would go to her life fund.  The shirts were not much and the profit wouldn’t be big, but, my heart was to give Bella a piece of what her daddy had spent years nurturing #Chamblissnation”, said a source close to Chamblissnation.

Chamblissnation creates urban-inspired apparel intended to provide the buyer with a sense of belonging. The brand’s collection represents an unbreakable bond, focused on empowering the widespread Black American community, to remember their roots and boast them with pride. The brand tries to infuse a sense of unity and legacy in the hearts of its customers. In less than 3 months, Chamblissnation sold over 250 T-shirts and hoodies, raising over $1000.00 of revenue. 

“At Chamblissnation, we aim to create apparel that best represents our African American community, allowing you to present the most authentic version of yourself”, says the brand’s mission statement, clearly reflecting what Chamblissnation stands for in a real sense.

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